McCain/Rice Could Win Big

McCain/Rice Could Win Big


A new poll suggests if John McCain chose Condoleezza Rice as his running mate, the ticket would win big, even taking the state of New York by 3 against a Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama ticket.

I find this poll quite surprising. While Rice is certainly qualified for the position, I’m not sure what she adds to McCain’s campaign. She has no domestic policy experience and she’s closely tied to the foreign policy failures of the George W. Bush administration. My only guess is that the poll is bad or people are assuming her to be a moderate on everything except Iraq. Her race and gender may play a role too, although it’s hard to say to what extent.

Rice, for her part, continues to deny interest in the slot but any more polls like this one will certainly give McCain reason to seriously consider the Secretary of State.

  • Clintonfatigue

    If the ticket is Obama-X[With X being anybody],I WILL vote Obama,no matter who is McCain vp! But if the ticket is X-Obama and McCain-Rice then McCain-Rice is DEFINETELY a winning ticket with MY vote as a blessing!

  • TerenceC

    So even the pollsters are preparing the nation for the 2008 Presidential election being stolen. There is absolutely no way I will believe a McCain Rice ticket wins in NY state – none – unless there is duplicity within the media. Prepare yourselves for the Right wing media onslaught of the truth.

  • Susanna

    When I mentioned this to my husband, a big McCain fan, yesterday, he said the same thing you did. There’s no way McCain is going to put an extremely loyal member of Bush’s inner circle on his ticket if he wants to win. This election is all about change, moving on from where we are now. Tying himself to the current administration would be a bad idea.

  • Escriva’

    This says more about Obama than it does Condi. It shows that the vast mount of his support is based on being a “viable black candidate.” Throw another “viable black candidate” into the mix, particularly one with some experience and intelligence, and the novelty and shine of Obama significantly dulls. Now he’s just another leftist.

    I’ve been saying it for a months, if McCain wants to ensure a victory, he’ll pick Condi. It totally neutralizes the only thing the Dems have – identity politics.

  • Rob

    Olympia Snowe would be a better choice.

  • Elyas

    Anyone have a link to the poll results? All the CNN article cites is that McCain/Rice would beat Obama/Clinton by 3 points in New York. A lead that’s likely within the poll’s margin of error in one state is hardly “winning big.” Yes, it’s an interesting finding, but hardly conclusive without more information about sample size, trends in other states, etc.

    Would it kill journalists to take a stats class or two?

  • gerryf

    Someone help me out here….this is absolutely amazing. What is it about Rice that makes her a viable addition to the team?

    In 2001, months before 9/11, she ignored warnings from CIA director George Tenet abnout al Queda–or, if you prefer, Tenet is a liar, but she still failed as NATIONAL SECURITY DIRECTOR to aniticipate, uncover or prevent 9/11.

    Now, before anyone gets to freaked out, ignoring Tenet’s claims on based on what we know, I don’t really blame Rice or the administration for 9/11. Before 9/11, a terrorist attack of this type on American soil seemed improbably. I don’t think any President really, really could have aniticpated something of this nature. It’s a shame, but the entire country was naive to the reality and I have not held the administration to a higher standard than I would hold any other (for another time, we can argue about how poorly this administration has handled everything else since then).

    OK, pass on stopping or anticipating 9/11.

    Then comes Iraq–just like everyone else in the administration, Rice was adamant that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, stating the US knew they were lying and knew where the weapons were (look it up, a NYT opinion column by RICE.) There are only two possibilities–she was lying or she was too incompetent to do her job and was simply wrong about one of the most important issues of the last 50 years.

    Wow, great job there Condi

    Only in the Bush administration can you get promoted for doing a bad job, so it should have been no surprise the Rice got a new job in his second term, Secretary of State.

    In the single most important issue of the second term, the Iraq War, Rice has accomplished…..what? Anything? Help me out….the “coalition of the willing”–smaller than ever. Stability and peace in the Mideast? Uhm, yeah, right. Democratic Reforms in countries in need of it? Show me.

    Peaceful resolution to the Israel Palestinian conflict? With the exception of getting Israel to withdraw from Palestinian terriroties, nada, squat, zilch. She’s wagged her finger at Lebanon, Egypt, Iran, CHina and North Korea to what result? Zip.

    Folks, we have here one of the least accomplished Secretary of State in US History–and this is what a bunch of idiots who answer polls thinks will put John McCain over the top?

    I stunned beyond words. I really am.

  • Avinash_Tyagi

    This is why I’m saying Obama needs to pick Hagel, there is no way McCain Rice can beat Obama Hagel

  • jkhutz


    Condi is an African-American-Woman. She just about the “ultimate” minority — and would be seen as “trumping” (in the card sense …NOT the guy with the toupee) the identity issues that are behind BOTH Obama and HRC.

    The only thing that could possibly make her even MORE of a minority is if she were unmarried and possibly an “L”… oh wait…

    Is that an INANE way to pick a VP? Sure… but is it any MORE inane than picking John McInCain as the candidate?

  • Alan Stewart Carl


    The point isn’t the margin of error, it’s that New York has, in the last two elections, gone “blue” by 20-25 points. A 3 point lead by McCain or a statistical tie is a sign of serious strength. Now, whether the poll is flawed or not is a good question.