Poll: Hillary Leads By 13 In Puerto Rico

Poll: Hillary Leads By 13 In Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico is one of the last to hold their primaries on June 1st, and Hill seems to be holding onto a comfortable lead there.

The story is in Spanish, but here’s a (very) rough translation…

Hillary Clinton holds a comfortable advantage of 13 percentage points on Barack Obama, her rival in the Democratic primary in Puerto Rico, revealed a survey disclosed yesterday by the company Research & Research.

The intention of the voters, who identified themselves as democrats, reflected an endorsement of 50% for the senator from New York as opposed to 37% for the senator from Illinois. Another 13% were identified as undecided.

There’s still a lot of swing there, but Hillary has done well with the Latino community, so odds are she’ll take this is the race is still competitive at that time. But one wonders if it’ll even matter by then.

  • http://westanddivided.blogspot.com/ mw

    You better believe it matters. Puerto Rico will be the primary that give HRC the plurality of the popular vote. And yes, I am counting every single person who walked into a voting booth or caucus and put a check by Hillary Clinton’s name – including FL and MI. Shortly after PR, we will get the first story about a superdelegate changing their support from Obama to Clinton, invoking the popular vote as justification. And so it goes.

  • http://www.donklephant.com Justin Gardner

    Again I ask…care to put some money behind that?

    And Michigan and Florida don’t count. Sorry.

  • http://www.ablogistan.com Elyas

    mw: Whatever you are smoking, please pass it this way.

  • TerenceC

    Except that none of those Puerto Ricans can vote in a general election so as long as no great advantage is gained one way of the other it doesn’t mean crap.

  • http://westanddivided.blogspot.com/ mw

    heh… heh… heh…

    I have posted my wager terms on several threads with no response from you Mr. Gardner.

    And it really does not matter whether you (or I or anyone on this blog or thread) think that the people who voted for Clinton in MI and FL count.

    It only matters whether superdelegates think they count.

  • Bev Alfeld

    No matter what Hilllary does, when she is ahead, you in the press alway manage to make it seem like nothing , but when Obama does anything it ‘s just super. Cut it out. You write this whole article about how she is ahead and then you can’t stand it –so in comes the comment”

    “There’s still a lot of swing there, but Hillary has done well with the Latino community, so odds are she’ll take this is the race is still competitive at that time. But one wonders if it’ll even matter by then.”

    What matters now and then is that the press is trying to dismiss Hillary and convince people to give up . She isn’t giving up and neither are her supporters. I’m a Rep. I will never vote for Obama. It’s Hillary or McCain.
    You people better realzie that Obama hangs out with terrorist (Ayers – helped to get him elected), godfather Emil Joines, Rezko (indicted for corruption- did shady land deal with Obama), Louis Farrakhan and more.

  • http://allpossibleworlds.blogspot.com/ Daniel

    I think that most people will count the popular vote from Florida (since both candidates were on the ballot and neither one campaigned there) and ignore the popular vote from Michigan. The turnout in PR will be ridiculously large (around 3,000,000).

    Most likely, HRC will finish winning the popular vote by around 100,000, counting FL and excluding MI.

  • Dos

    Well, as good Democrats we all know that the “will of the people” must trump the delegate count?…No, wait…we must follow the rules and exclude MI and Florida! But…the super-delegates must vote according to the delegate count…because of the “will of the people” thing, but no, wait…screw it…

    We just need to do whatever is necessary for Obama to win. End of story.

  • Dalmo de Souza Gomes


    Same living so far away from USA, in Brazil, I do not leave to read news on what is happening for there. Therefore in the world of globalizated market our economy and of other countries depend on the good functioning of the economy of there.

    All us want that a democrat wins the elections in November and makes the economy of USA to function well again. But we are worried about the division of the democrats for trivial reasons due particular ambitions, absence of ethics and moral of some politicians who finish passing its hatred and hurt for some voters…

    Now is not time to vanities, futilities, nonsense prejudices and division; Now is time of UNION of all the democrats… Each one need to leave out the ego and some preconceptions and to support the democrat candidate who was better in the primary elections. It can’t change the rules of the game in the half of the way to favor just one. It’s not ethical and it’s not moral!

    The two democratic candidates are intelligent, well-educated and preparated, have a great team to work and to help the country. It’s not written in the forehead of the candidate who that one is better than the other. On the future nobody knows and nobody can predict something on.

    When I said nobody can predict on the future, I can mention, as example, what is happening now in the present. When Hillary Clinton began your campaign to president, she and supporters had as right and easy the victory her in the primary elections, but it not materialized in fact. The campaign of Hillary started wrong, is indebted and now desperate. Nobody orders on the future! We always need to calculate the risks and to count on the luck.

    It’s undeniable that the Barack Obama candidate was better in all campaign. He was unknown of the majority of the Americans and knew to leave so well of the anonymity for the staring. He showed for the world wonderful qualities during the campaign such as: respect to the rules; excellent speaker; excellent strategist; better manager of campaign; better conductor of the problems same when was attacked; better negotiator conquering all the sides through the dialogue.

    I wish that those democrats who supported Hillary and now say that will vote against Obama, if he to be nominated, is ethical and moral to assume the error later. It has been eight of nonsenses and absurds of the Bush’s government and the image of USA there out is totally negative. Obama wining the elections in November are the democrats in the power and hope of changes…
    Hugs from Brazil to Puerto Rico