Hypocrisy?: Obama Campaign Holds Call On Clinton And Bosnia Today; Questions Her...

Hypocrisy?: Obama Campaign Holds Call On Clinton And Bosnia Today; Questions Her Honor…


[Republished from 2008Central.net]

With approximately 10 minutes notice to reporters, the Obama campaign held a conference call today with Pennysylvania Bosnia veterans to discuss Sen. Clinton’s previous remarks on Bosnia. The timing of the call is somewhat odd, especially in light of Sen. Obama’s statements regarding political distractions at ABC’s debate earlier this week.

Maj. Gen. Walter Stewart observed:

“Imagine the lack of moral authority she has now to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier.”

He later added an observation about Sen. Clinton’s potential for leadership:

“So, let’s look at moral authority as the essential element of leadership. President George Bush, Sen. Clinton, Sen. McCain have squandered the moral authority of the United States of America and our ability to lead the free people’s of the world; and the oppressed peoples of the world towards freedom. Sen. Barack Obama displays the moral authority we need for a change in Washington D.C.”

Michael Kotyk began by saying:

“Sen. Clinton’s remarks are what I guess you would call a ‘whopper’ in the military terminology. It’s a breach of honor. And, it’s something that she has done continuously and even in regards to her support on NAFTA.”

As noted, this conference call is in sharp contrast to Obama’s remarks on Clinton and Bosnia during the debate earlier this week.

First, Obama suggested that the only reason his campaign initially criticized Sen. Clinton on the subject was because they were asked about it:


  • sue

    This is just straightening the record. He’s not bringing up anything new.

  • Julescator

    We know you prefer to have Clinton attacking Obama, but this goes to the core of her credibility. She is a liar and a repeated liar. NO one wil vote for a person you don’t trust. She is trying to attack Obama to hide this story. It won’t go away.

  • Betty

    It doesnt matter what BO said at the debate he was floundering in every thing he said
    Bosnia big deal how about Wright Farrakan the million man march MO Resko Ayers??
    Stupid arrogant actions and words
    Nobody cares about the Bosnia thing any more
    HC said she was wrong she didnt try to make it like she did nothing wrong but old Obamy he is never wrong in any thing he says or does
    Its always someone elses fault
    His dad was no more a sheep herder than Bill C was
    I know Mo wants us to think they struggle every day but hey who could live on 4 million a year?BO and MO are the biggest cons to ever hit the political trail

  • http://teristyrades.blogspot.com/ Teri B.

    At least Clinton has OWNED her positions on Wright and Obama’s bitter comments, while Obama hedged on the Bosnia question, admitting his “campaign” was hammering on it, “of course,” yet somehow dodging personal responsibility for what his campaign is doing? That just seemed dishonest to me. If his campaign is doing it – HE is. I’d much rather see the candidates own their positions and actions, than try and appear above the fray, when their actions don’t match the perception they’re trying to falsely portray.

    My mother had a saying about people who throw the rocks, then hide their hand.

    This is the same ole, same ole for Obama though. I’ve never seen anyone talk out of both sides of his face so much – well George Bush does come to mind.

    Obama can dish it out, but he sure can’t take it.


    Listen to Richardson at around 2:00 min.

    Not to mention Obama’s a hypocrite: