Video: Man Gets Stuck In Elevator For 41 Hours

Video: Man Gets Stuck In Elevator For 41 Hours


Watch this time lapsed video. It’s hypnotic.

More from the New Yorker:

White has the security-camera videotape of his time in the McGraw-Hill elevator. He has watched it twice-it was recorded at forty times regular speed, which makes him look like a bug in a box. The most striking thing to him about the tape is that it includes split-screen footage from three other elevators, on which you can see men intermittently performing maintenance work. Apparently, they never wondered about the one he was in. (Eight McGraw-Hill security guards came and went while he was stranded there; nobody seems to have noticed him on the monitor.)


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  • Dyre42

    Wnna bet that he now the proud owner of a new cell phone and a multi-tool?

  • Shaina Hamilton

    Was this for real? Was the elevator guy still alive! Shoots!