60% Are Tired Of Primaries

60% Are Tired Of Primaries


This from a recent Rasmussen poll:

The survey also found that 60% of the nation’s adults say the Primary Season has gone on too long. Twenty-six percent (26%) say the process has worked well and 9% haven’t paid much attention. Nearly a quarter of unaffiliateds–those not affiliated with either major party—say they have not been paying attention or have no opinion on the Primaries.

Count me in that group…

  • Erik Sickinger

    Justin: a little nebulous on which group we should count you as. I am assuming you mean the 60%ers?

  • Dos

    Interesting post mw. My issue with BHO is that while he serves up glorious rhetoric on change and hope, exc. (which is all good) and is rhetorically waging war on the traditional boomer battles, there is nothing new about the policies he is espousing. Generationally, he fits very comfortable was the far left liberal boomers, not only of today, but of yester-years — he’s really a McGovernite. Watching him go after the boomers, particularly on the left, without attacking their philosophical/political positions, is a bit unseemly, hints of self-serving patricide.

  • http://westanddivided.blogspot.com/ mw

    Dos, You have to wait. I am in the process of x-posting that here. I’m slow.