Obama Adds 2 More Superdelegates, Hillary Adds Another

Obama Adds 2 More Superdelegates, Hillary Adds Another


It’s 3 to 2 in today’s superdelegate race, and so far the post-Pennsylvania count stands at 10 to 5, Obama’s pickups to Clinton’s pickups.

The first one for Obama today was Rep. Bruce Braley from Iowa, and we covered that earlier today.

The second was a Rep. Baron Hill from Indiana.

The third was Rep. Lois Capps from California.

Politico has more:

A California congresswoman with long ties to both Clintons will announce her endorsement of Barack Obama today, a campaign source said.

Rep. Lois Capps, who represents a district on California’s central coast, is the third member of Congress to announce an endorsement of Senator Obama Wednesday, the day after he responded sharply to one of the deepest crises of his campaign, a confrontational and, he said, “appalling” set of remarks by his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The campaign is using the flurry of endorsements to shore up political support and demonstrate the frontrunner’s continuing strength.

Hillary had a good day as well, adding AFL-CIO heavy Bill George and Luisette Cabanas from Puerto Rico.

More as it develops…

  • http://www.englandforobama.com/ ukcz

    Actually it’s 10 to 6, not 5, but the argument is still a valid one.

    Endorsements for Obama:
    Jeff Bingaman (NM), Senator – 28 Apr 2008
    Bruce Braley (IA), Representative – 30 Apr 2008
    Lois Capps (CA), Representative – 30 Apr 2008
    Ben Chandler (KY), Representative – 29 Apr 2008
    Charlene Fernandez (AZ), DNC & State Vice Chair – 26 Apr 2008
    Brad Henry (OK), Governor – 23 Apr 2008
    Baron Hill (IN), Representative – 30 Apr 2008
    Richard Machacek (IA), DNC – 29 Apr 2008
    Audra Ostergard (NE), DNC & State Vice Chair – 23 Apr 2008
    David Wu (OR), Representative – 24 Apr 2008

    Endorsements for Clinton:
    Luisette Cabanas (PR), DNC &Territory Vice Chair – 30 Apr 2008
    Mike Easley (NC), Governor – 28 Apr 2008
    William George (PA), DNC – 30 Apr 2008
    Ike Skelton (MO), Representative, 29 Apr 2008
    Kathy Sullivan (NH), Add-On – 26 Apr 2008
    John Tanner (TN), Representative – 23 Apr 2008

    Source: http://www.englandforobama.com/a-flurry-of-superdelegate-endorsements

  • wj

    Obama picks up 60% of the superdelegate endorsements today, and for Clinton that’s “a good day”? I guess that’s the up side of low expectations….

  • Jack Aubrey

    Yeah, it’s time. Time for Hillary to stop “digging in”, “staying the course” (where and FROM WHOM have we last heard those pitiful excuses for an Obviously FAILED USA-Humiliating choice? Just typing those words nauseates me…), and STOP doing her level best to split our Democratic Party. Clinton past-Loyalists are defecting right and left (James Carrville). The 1990’s are FAR in the Past! We need DEMOCRATIC ACTION and UNITY N.O.W!

    Our Demo SuperDelegates know this and are acting accordingly, in the best interests of Democratic Party Unity. The picture is clear. She NEEDS to STOP her deliberate Party-Unity-Shattering tactics NOW. We NOW MUST ALL look ahead to November.

    If Al Gore had the grace and foresight and HONOR and humility to “step aside” in 2000 in the face of the most DISGUSTING and questionable (legal AND political) Presidential election in US history, why can’t Hillary follow his HONORABLE DEMOCRATIC example? Hill, you can still be a NY Senator – but NOW you’re jeopardizing even THAT with your sheer bitterness, EGO, and just plain NASTY campaign strategies and tactics!

    It boils down to 1 thing, in my humble opinion: her EGO. She’s putting HER OWN PERSONAL WISHES AHEAD of what’s best for:

    1) The United States of America as a Nation
    2) The People of the USA and their 80%-polled DEMANDS for CHANGE
    3) The BIG-Tent Democratic Party
    4) The chances of ANY Democratic Presidential Nominee winning in

    DO IT, Hillary! You’ve taken your Best Shots, and they DIDN’T WORK! Do what you – AND ALL OF US- KNOW is BEST for all 4 above. Show some grace, some style, some humility, some HONOR, and yes, some REAL guts! -and DO WHAT’S RIGHT! FOLD that “I’m-fighting-to-the-death no-matter- what little teeny tent of yours, swallow your MONSTROUS PERSONAL EGO and Ambitions and DO WHAT’S RIGHT! You and ALL your really sharp Campaign Advisers KNOW that the ONLY cards left for you to play are Race-Divisiveness, Negative Attack-Campaigning, and all the other tactics that are FAR FAR BENEATH the ideas, personal morals, and pragmatic thinking of ALL the Democrats, ALL the People of the USA, and ALL of us who so desperately need CHANGE NOW! You are now DISGRACING yourself, your (alleged) Democratic Party Membership and ALL of us 101% Bill-Clinton-Voters & Supporters.

    Toss it in! Fold your hand (pat, pat – you did as well as you could have, dear) – but you have ZERO in your Political Cards left for you to play, with even a teeny little smidgen of HONOR. And don’t for a SECOND think that ALL us Democrats don’t know it! How can you POSSIBLY continue to disparage Obama in ANY way without stooping to the level of DISGUSTING “anything-goes” ATTACK-campaigning?

    PUT ASIDE your EGO and Personal Ambitions, RESTORE our Respect for you as a REAL Democrat, and fold it up NOW! The Republicans are PRAYING DESPERATELY for you to continue trying to split our Party! The Republicans are PRAYING DESPERATELY that you will be the all-too-beatable Democratic Nominee! READ THE HUGE WRITING ON THE WALL THAT GLARES OUT AT YOU FROM EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK! JUST LOOK at the trending of your Primary results so far! Listen to the REAL Democratic Wise Men and Women, not just your rapidly-shrinking Personal Circle of Admirers! Only YOU can snatch DEFEAT for the Democratic Party from the HUGELY-LOOMING Jaws of VICTORY! Suck it up and DO IT! NOW!