PPP: Hillary Leads By 8 In Indiana

PPP: Hillary Leads By 8 In Indiana


Public Policy Polling did the worst in Pennsylvania, but that’s because they overestimated the African American and youth vote. I doubt they’ll do the same in Indiana.

In any event, it’s Clinton/Obama, 50/42.

More from the poll…

Her support is coming from the same groups that she usually does well with- women (54-39), whites (54-38), and older voters (55-36).

Obama’s strongest performances, as usual, are with black voters (73-21) and voters under 30 (50-40).

It’s not clear which candidate is benefiting more from Indiana’s open primary. Clinton has a one point lead with Republicans, but Obama is up 52-37 with those voters who don’t identify with either party.

Here are the full results (PDF).

Also of note, this is their first poll in Indiana.

  • Myron

    The black vote numbers are way off. No way Hillary is suddenly doing 21 percent with black voters, when she’s struggled to crack 10 in most states. In Pa., she did about 8 percent, and she’s trending downward in that category.

    This poll’s an outlier. CNN’s Poll of Polls has the race dead even.