Could Bob Barr Get Ron Paul Vote?

Could Bob Barr Get Ron Paul Vote?


Looks like the Libertarians are going to field a candidate who could actually have a voice in the conversation this year…thanks to the groundwork laid by Paul.


Bob Barr, former GOP congressman from Georgia, is an all-but-announced presidential candidate – as a Libertarian.

The possibility of a run by Barr has sent shudders through the mainstream of the Republican party.

Barr, who will probably not declare his intentions for several days, has already been labeled a “spoiler.”

In an interview with the Inquirer, Barr dismissed those accusations as whining.

“The notion that Republicans see a third-party candidate as spoiling their chances simply illustrates the arrogance of the two-party system,” Barr said.

Republicans may have good cause to worry.

A run by Barr could be to John McCain “what Ralph Nader was to Al Gore – ruinous,” wrote George Will in Newsweek. Some party experts believe Barr could siphon off essential conservative votes from Sen. John McCain, about whom many rightward voters have been less than enthusiastic.

Then, here’s him at CPAC 2008 introducing Ron Paul, and it’s a love letter to the congressman.

Think Ron Paul will tell his supporters to get behind Bob Barr? Think those Paulites who might be considering voting for McCain could swing to Barr as a real alternative? Quite possibly

  • Willem de Wit

    I don’t think Paul will endorse Barr.

    The Paulites won’t go away, and seem to be more than able to cause a stir within the GOP at the local and state levels. Endorsing Barr might undo some of the success they’re having.

  • Paul

    He won’t endorse barr probably, because he wants to remain in the Republican party and work there. I’ll definitely be voting Barr in November, if Paul’s not on the ballot though, as I imagine many of his supporters will.

  • Mike

    I don’t know of a “Paulite” that would even consider becoming a McCainiac, Barr or no Barr. Oh wait, there is no such thing as a McCainiac, he has no one that is for him, just those against something.

  • Dave

    Unless Congressman Paul personally asks his supporters to cast their vote for Bob Barr or someone else, my “Ron Paul vote” will go to Ron Paul. I will write him in on my presidential ballot.

    Some people might call this a “wasted” vote, but how can voting for what you believe in being a waste? Isn’t it a waste to vote for someone you don’t believe in? Isn’t voting for the lesser of two evils still evil?

    Yes, I will write in Ron Paul, and for the first time in my 32 years of voting, I will feel good inside. In fact, it will be the proudest day of my life.

  • blakmira

    No! Ron Paul will NOT endorse Bob Barr, former CIA member (1971-1978) and leading supporter of the War on Drugs in the past who has recently “changed” his views. Ron Paul only endorses trustworthy candidates without suspicious and flip-flopping backgrounds.

    “Just Say No” to Bob Barr and write in Ron Paul for President.

  • Robert Owens

    Barr voted for the Iraq war. He has not co-sponsored many of the leading positions that Dr. Paul advocates.

    Instead, Paul supportes should look at Dr. Chuck Baldwin. Look at

    Also check out

  • Aratus

    this is a debate on the ron paul forums!
    this is a debate at!!!
    even if barr toys with running with kucinich
    or gravel as a veep, he still pulls votes perhaps
    from mccain despite the fact that nader perhaps did
    secure ALL his supporters three months before the florida
    election and gore perhaps likewise had FEW people deciding things
    in the polling booth! gore lost florida or stalemated some three days before
    the election!!! likewise, Bob Barr hasa core group of supporters inside
    the vast expanse of Ron Paul rEVOLUTIOn people… dare i now
    meantion a forum thread that briefly speculated on
    a BARR/WRIGHT ticket and what this could do to
    OBAMA and McCAIN BOTH? even if its an
    almost phoenix-like immolation
    for Bob Barr? it WOULD
    barack “teflon” obama squirming!

  • Aratus

    bob barr has a solid group of people…
    he has a support that sometimes overlaps
    with chuck baldwin and mike huckabee…

    if he runs with a fellow conservative, the au-h2o
    pull at centrist mccain is pronounced, if he does
    a ticket balancing, he then cuts into the democrats
    as well. hense my above comment! he may need
    the tacit acceptance of ron paul to boldly run after
    the septmber st. paul convention, even though like
    mike graverl right now, he’s affiliated with the
    LIBERTARIAN PARTY! ron paul is still contesting
    the delegates all, and mccain’s rupturing by 4.5 million
    of his own mccain feingold ceiling. come september,
    we may see a repeat of 1960 for i think Ron Paul
    is thinking of 1964 and COW PALACE!!! 2012 is being
    thought of an planned for as we speak!!! its like we aren’t
    even close to the end of this all, and we could actually
    see something like a 269 verses 269 electoral college split
    on top of the almost total stalemate after north carolina
    and indiana for the two democrats, today!!! this is a very
    unique political year! dare i do a plug for the
    south dakota festival in early july as well as the D.C freedom
    march on the 12th? ron paul will be speaking at both events!
    bob barr was at the april 15th d.c tax day rally linda hunnicutt
    organized, as well as russell means! this all is not over! mccain
    may have had mitt romney secure his right flank by that address
    to augusta’s state convention, yet he may not be always as lucky!

  • djthedj

    Barr isn’t a Libertarian. He’s a typical lying republican. If the party nominates him it will just prove that they are sell-outs like any other party.

  • DaveP in PGH

    I’m a LP county chairman, and a Ron Paul organizer. I’ll be writing in Ron Paul in November.

    I have met Bob Barr, and think that he would make a good presidential candidate for the LP…in some other year, and only after he “put in his dues” and convincingly adopted the LP platform (and not just hold his nose and bite his tongue).

    His recent conversions do smack of political expediency, and while it would be nice for the LP to finally have a “name-brand” candidate, I would be surprised if more than 50% would support him at the convention.

    Although to be fair to Barr, at least he has come around on some of his views, and is more of a libertarian than Gravel.

  • Djthedj

    “more of a libertarian than Gravel”

    Hardly a ringing endorsment!

  • suzi

    I am excited about Bob Barr/Wayne Allen Root ticket! I love Ron Paul but since he doesn’t want to continue his campaign in a third party, the LP has given me someone to vote for who is like Ron Paul. Bob Barr has name recognition and has been spotlighted on many mainstream news shows recently. I believe Bob Barr and the Libertarian Party have more chance to make ground than the Constitution Party, although I do like that party also. I want to support a party that has a ghost of a chance to make a dent in this election. NOW is the time for true conservatives to make a move! Come to the Libertarian party which is on it’s way to being the new home for true conservatives!