185,000 Votes Remaining

185,000 Votes Remaining


With 85% of the vote already in, the total vote is 1,070,170 (Clinton – 555,261, Obama – 514,909)

That means the other 15% is going to basically be 185,000 votes. If Obama gets 57% out of Lake County, which is what I’ve heard recently, he’d get 105,450 and she’d get 79,550. That’s a difference of 25,900 votes.

Right now she leads by 40,000 votes.

So it’s very likely she’ll squeak this out by 14,000 votes.

I guess we’ll see.

  • Avinash_Tyagi

    Well there’s also Laporte, Union, Porter, Marion, Hancock, Hamilton, Hendricks and Monroe still have precincts left, so its possible Obama could pull it out, but it will be extremely close, less than 2% difference either way

  • Aaron

    Isn’t it 85% of precints, not votes? Do we really know the size of the electorate in Lake county?