Hillary Camp Tries To Change Total Delegates Needed

Hillary Camp Tries To Change Total Delegates Needed


This is amazing. They’ve literally changed the total needed to win. So anybody who comes to her “Delegate Hub” website will think that 2,208 is what Obama has to get, not 2,025.

Here’s a screenshot, with the delegate part highlighted…

Again, there’s NO mention of the race to reach 2,025 delegates. Why? Because they know they’ve already lost that race.

So then, what do they have to say for themselves?

Wash Times has more…

“That’s what we believe is the standard for deciding this — who has the majority of the total delegates including Michigan and Florida to decide the nomination,” said Clinton strategist Geoff Garin.

It certainly is nice to believe things, isn’t it?

So then, what do members of the DNC think about it?

And my guess is Katz isn’t alone. Hillary and company are trying to completely invalidate their existence, and I don’t think they’ll take that lying down.

And speaking of lying…let me just say for record that posting the total delegates needed as 2,208 isn’t just spin…it’s a lie. Pure and simple.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Dos

    I, personally, am just OUTRAGED. I read this and spilled my coffee all over my lap in outrage and indignation. HOW DARE THEY!!! Those Clintons…have they no decency. Ashamed of themselves…oh, no,no,no…they should feel like disgusting little poop-bugs. Monkeying around with delegate numbers…who do they think they are????

    Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can!

  • Aaron

    Okay I’m still learning on politics, but this has me curious. I know that Florida and Michigan are out, and if they were allowed in, it should be under a re-vote, to make things properly fair for the voters there. Does the delegate number change by adding those states, and if the 2205 number is wrong on that, what is the correct number?

    Thanks for educating. =D

  • Adam

    If you look now, it says 2209, not 2208. So they’ve increased it by 1 on top of the first increase.

  • Aaron

    Uhh… she changed it again, now it’s 2,209… ???

  • Brett L.

    Changed again – 2,209. They know that people are watching them change this, right?

  • Hillary All the Way

    When the DNC decides on May 31 at their meeting to count and seat the Florida and Michigan delegates, that will raise the number of counted delegates back up to what is already the normal number of delegates seated. The total of delegates therefor needed should of course be consistent with the number now being counted, as always is counted in every other election, and that is ALL of them, ALL of the votes, ALL the delegates 2208. Hillary is not trying “change” the number, the number is always the TOTAL of ALL the delegates in ALL of the states. When the DNC counts the two states remaining, Florida and Michigan, that automatically raises the total back up to where it normally always is. Cheating or “changing the rules would be counting the votes and delegates that were left out, but keeping the total needed at the lower number. Talk about changing the rules, how convenient for Obama..