Clinton: "Each Of Us Has To Get To 2,025 Delegates"

Clinton: "Each Of Us Has To Get To 2,025 Delegates"


On February 22nd, Hillary Clinton said the following in an interview with Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America:

So why was it the right number then, but it’s phony now?

Folks, this is about fairness, and you can’t move the finish line 3/4 of the way through the race and expect nobody to cry foul. You can call that Clinton Derangement Syndrome if you want, but these people seem increasingly allergic to reality.

  • TheMiddle

    I know you can’t post this – but if you could, you should.

  • TheMiddle

    I just read the article from Politico where Obama aides say he intends to declare himself the winner after May 20th. While I am an Obama supporter, I would be hugely offended if he did something of that nature. While Its absolutely and irrevocably WRONG for Hillary to try changing the rules 4/5 of the way into this thing just because she’s losing, its every bit as bad for Obama to say he’s won before he actually has.

    Obviously whatever good spirited backroom discussions that were supposed to be happening, aren’t. Or worse, they did and things went horribly wrong. I’m guessing Barack either didn’t give into her demands and now she’s using the ‘nuclear option’ as her leverage, or… well, I cant really see anything else.

    I can’t be certain about what exactly she’d want to bow out with some dignity – the VP, money, whatever. I hate that it happens, but thats still a fact of life in modern American politics. Unless of course Obama’s refusal to play along is a sign of that changing.

    All of this is wildly speculative of course, but it’s based in reasoned judgment. I don’t know what she would actually want, and furthermore have no way of knowing what Barack’s campaigns intentions are. What I do know is the Democratic party as a whole – Barack included – are taking a giant DUMP on their supporters. While I haven’t considered myself a Democrat for a long time, this could be the one thing that pushes me over the edge. I’ve just had it. Its wrong for Hillary to change the rules mid-stream, and its wrong for Obama to try and crown himself.

    The people of this country crown the leaders, they can’t do it themselves. Hillary is going to play as dirty as she can – always has always will. Some admire it, I hate it. To each their own. But what I will not stand for is someone I want to cast my ballot for taking ME out of this process. I can think of few things that rile my blood quite like that does.

  • Rich

    Face it…She’s a power hungary monster that will happily destroy Obama and the entire Democrat Party for the opportunity to be POTUS. If it weakens BO or the dem party leaders, it makes her appear stronger in contrast. She has nothing to bring to the table that sets herself above the others, so she MUST bring everyone else down to her level (or below) to “be on top”.

    The Dems created her….it’s up to the Dems to put her in her place.

  • Rich

    make that “that will happily destroy **anyone who opposes her** for the opportunity to **obtain or maintain power**.”

    She’s demonstrated it time and again, but none of the Dems are willing to admit it. She must have an impressive collection of other people’s testicles….probably mounted on a wall in Hillary’s wing of the “Clinton Library and Massage Parlor” in Arkansas.