Clinton's Leads in KY and WV Point to Lingering Problems for Obama

Clinton's Leads in KY and WV Point to Lingering Problems for Obama


Polls indicate that Hillary Clinton is headed for landslide victories in Kentucky’s and West Virginia’s primaries. She leads by 29 and 34 points respectively. Unfortunately for Clinton, this is what’s known as too little, too late.

Still, the Barack Obama campaign has to be concerned that the Illinois Senator is still underperforming in states with high numbers of rural and blue-collar voters. With all the talk of Obama now being the presumptive nominee, you’d think he’d be polling a little better in these two states. I mean, after John McCain became the presumptive Republican nominee, it’s not like Mike Huckabee posted any massive victories.

Now that Obama can pull his attention away from primary politics, he needs to assess whether his lack of appeal among rural and blue-collar voters is a problem that will carry over to the general election or whether the vast majority of Clinton voters will line up behind him. Right now, I think the biggest question out there is: how many Clinton voters will switch to McCain or at least move to the undecided column? If it’s a significant number, Obama has a lot of work ahead. We should have a better grasp on that situation within the next few months.

  • crat3

    Obama is no “presumptive nominee; he does not have the requisite number of delegates for the nomination.

    Obama and his superdelegates are now engaged in a desperate end run game to prevent Sen Clinton from winning the presidential nomination at the conclusion of the presidential nomination process.

    This end run maneuvring was the reason for the superdelegate endorsements on Friday, Saturday, and Monday, and this subversion will continue in repudiation of the Democratic nomination process.

    Obama and his superdelegates have chosen to take the Democratic Party on the path to a train wreck in November. This is entrenching votes for McCain. Obama will crash and burn in November if he swipes the nomination.

    “OBAMA BACKERS MAKE THEIR THREAT” – Executive Intelligence Review – “Those who are attempting to shut down the Clinton campaign and control this Presidential election have no allegiance to (the) Democratic Party, or to the United States.”

  • Workman3344

    Hillary Clinton did not win the primary because over 60% of the people deem her as unelectable because we can’t believe her. I want a candidate who will tell me the truth even if I don’t like what I hear. For example, a gas tax break is pandering and will not solve the real problem. The oil companies will just raise their rates. I have seen this done before. Obama tried it in Illinois and it didn’t work. I am smart enough to listen to what was said in each state and know when the message changes. It won’t be easy but we can change our country for the better if we try. My children and grandchildren deserve a better place to live.