Jim Webb For VP?

Jim Webb For VP?


A former Republican turned Democrat who could put Virginia in play? Plus massive foreign policy credibility? Plus, like Obama, not a lot of time spent “inside the beltway”?

Marc Ambinder agrees, and notes the release of Webb’s book tomorrow:

“A Time To Fight: Reclaiming a Just And Fair America” is Webb’s most explicitly political to date, and it takes some potshots at the Democratic establishment. (Newsy!) Webb writes about martial values and military service, but his main subject is what he terms the “forgotten” working class. He blends history and contemporary observations and sketches out the policies that would work toward the end of reclaiming America for average joes and janes.

One other thing to note…McCain opposes Webb’s new legislation “Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008.” The reason? Too costly.

Now, I don’t know about you, but given that our military is still all-voluntary and a growing number of them think our leaders have lied to them about why they’re currently fighting, a think we need a nice, big, fat education incentive in order to make sure there’s enough “there” there for us to maintain current troop levels.

Still, McCain opposes it and so this seems like a KEY piece of legislation for the Democrats to push in the fall. In fact, Obama is already calling McCain out for opposing it, and if Webb were the running mate, he could hit McCain on this daily while Obama talked about other issues.

And if the Republicans can actually derail Webb’s legislation and make sure it doesn’t pass, wouldn’t it be rather advantageous for the first bi-partisan pieces of legislation a “President Obama” to pass to be something his VP proposed?

Drawbacks to Webb? He never seems to come off as the most genial of personalities, and if you contrast that with McCain or possibly even Huckabee, it makes the Democrats seem even colder. Also, he’s only been on the national stage for a short time and who knows how he’d do when the spotlight is on him 24/7.

Still, an intriguing pick, no?

  • gerryf

    Why exactly does he have “massive foreign policy credibility”?

    He has loads of experience in the military (marines, congressional staff person on matters relating to vets, secretary of navy), but that is not the same thing.

    When we talk foreign policy expertise, I would prefer a person with experience in diplomacy.

  • http://maverickviews.blogspot.com/ Alan Stewart Carl

    I could see Webb being a very good attack dog for Obama. If the last two elections taught us anything, it’s that a candidate can win without having an affable VP.

    But is Webb too conservative for Obama’s liberal base?

  • Grant Gould

    is Webb too conservative for Obama’s liberal base

    In the general election, the ability to piss off the base a little bit is likely to be an advantage. A lot of independents could be reassured by the base’s discomfort, and it’s independents that will be crucial to this election.

    For the general election Obama is going to have to prove that “change” doesn’t just mean “hyper-leftism”; a Webb pick could conceivably help with that.

  • http://itsthe21stcenturystupid.wordpress.com Jim S

    Alan assumes that Obama’s base is solidly liberal instead of the liberal/centrist mix I view it as. Of course there would be some people unhappy with Webb as VP but I doubt that they’d be unhappy enough to change their vote or not show up to vote.

  • Eternal Optimish

    Webb is my personal pick, as well. His military background and cold pragmatism (imho) would directly counter the “Elitist” label the right (+HRC) seems determined to pin on him. This is also good for speaking to military families in middle America. Webb has only seen a few opportunities to be seen nationally – the last being a response to a State of the Union (I believe) a few years back. However, the response from the left, as well as the MSM (sadly important) have been very good. Barack could really use someone on his team who could punch back directly at McBush’s military record.

    Plus, delivering Virgina would be a nice housewarming gift. 😉

  • PaigeinPhilly

    Webb would balance out the ticket…I wouldnt be surprised if he wasn’t the pick all this time…the GI education bill….the book release?….

    all is good.

    Obama/Webb 08

  • Pdx632

    Webb is one of the few VP candidates that could actually get me to vote for Obama. I think he is exactly the type of bulldog a more softspoken person like Obama needs. Let him chew on McCains butt for a couple of months and see how electable McCain is.

  • Max A

    Webb and Richardson are the apparent top choices for Obama. I like Webb, his politics are much closer to mine than Obama’s are.

    We have a war on and Webb has the history to be able to criticize it without being called out of touch. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld: none of those dopes were ever shot at. Webb wasn’t just shot at, he was hit, and he kept fighting, and won. Kinda hard to undersell that story to the heart land.

    I actually have to say that I prefer Richardson. Nicer. Much better experience in diplomacy. Hispanic. ‘Nuff said.

    Edwards it too young. Clinton would rather eat a live rat on national TV. I think it’ll be Richardson.

  • JimBob

    So glad to see this piece. I’ve thought Webb would be a good pick for some time, esp. now that BHO seems firmly in control of the nomination. McCain is such a lame candidate, I really can’t get serious about “We need this guy (or that guy or that girl) to beat McCain. McCain is going to beat himself, so let’s be thinking about who we really want for VP over time.

  • http://www.musicbyday.com Music Day

    As a VERY liberal (to the left of Kucinich) Obama supporter let me just say I am voting for Obama no matter who he picks as VP. I want him to pick a VP that will help him win. If he has to pick a more conservative person to do that. Fine. Webb is an interesting choice. I just hope it’s not Clinton. At this point she’d be my least favorite pick. I just don’t really trust her & I think she brings way too much baggage.

  • ireneinmass

    I’ve been enthusiastic about an Obama/Webb ticket for months. Even before the Wright and “bitter” eruptions, and even before HRC did all that weird shape shifting and kneecapping. In light of all that, I like the match even more. All the commenters here have listed the reasons the match up works so well. It’s great balance and I think it would cancel out the appeal of McCain to conservative dems and independents. Although Obama is clearly (and thankfully)an even tempered thoughtful man who considers options and works towards consensus, qualities I think are good in a President, he is perceived as slow to act and his reserve comes across to many as flat or passionless. Hard to get that read from Webb who even when silent comes across as a coiled spring. I think Webb would bring a lot to the ticket, and I think he’d like working with Obama’s team, which is clearly a well oiled, incredibly tight and efficient organization. Richardson would be great at State. But Webb is underappreciated for his ideas on economics and a VP slot would allow him to address issues other than just military/veterans/national security.
    I figure if I thought about it months ago, team Obama was on it a year before that.

  • Maj Ernie Richardson

    Fast Barry has too many PLO friends. Dems go up in the House. Dems go up in the Senate. McCain wins the Presidency. Not too hard to figure out.

  • kenny jb

    this is a great Idea. I love Jim Web. He bring balance and a real feeling of Change to the discussion.
    An Obama/ WEb ticket officially turns the page in the democratic party. Bloggers and grass roots org. should
    really push this idea