The Difference Between Diplomacy And Appeasement

The Difference Between Diplomacy And Appeasement


Bush apparently doesn’t know.

Neither does Lieberman.

And tonight Chris Matthews ran into one of these well studied right-wing radio hosts and asked him if he knew the difference.

Watch the results…

Moving on…

  • Avinash_Tyagi

    I have found a whole new respect for Matthews, I take back almost all of the bad things i’ve ever said about him

  • gerryf

    I am sitting here playing this video, and my 17 year old son after listening to this idiot for about 3 minutes yelled “HE SIGNED THE MUNICH AGREEMENT!”

    Like so many other right wing windbags, they scream platitudes without comprehension (this does not apply to some of the more learned right leaning folks who write here).

    Sadly, these windbags seem to have an audience

  • Rob in Denver

    You mean that screaming “He was an appeaser!” over and over wasn’t the right answer?

  • rob

    Where’s Alan?