Video: Obama Praises Bush Sr.'s Gulf War Strategy

Video: Obama Praises Bush Sr.'s Gulf War Strategy


There have always been whispers that George Sr. really thinks his son’s Iraq policy is wrong. That’s never been confirmed by him personally, but former aides are on the record as saying so.

And now Obama is giving his strategy the thumbs up as a juxtaposition to the his son’s.

I wonder how he’d feel about the following clip?

Moreover, positioning his foreign policy approach in the appropriate historical context is the strategy Obama has been using for quite some time now, and I’ve always thought it’s a damn smart one.

For instance, when he said he’d engage in diplomacy with our enemies and then somebody suggested he was naive for suggesting it, he offered, “Well, that’s what Reagan and Kennedy did.” And what do you say to that? No, Kennedy should have nuked the USSR? No, Reagan should have declared war against the commies?

Biggest question…will this approach/strategy resonate with voters? After all, the elder Bush was a one-termer and Bush somehow got elected twice. Does Obama really have his finger on the pulse?

  • mike mcEachran

    One could argue that Bush 41 lost his reelction bid precicely because he contained the Gulf War and got out, and Bush 43 won his reelection bid precicely because he escalated and perpetuated the Iraq war. The HBO “Adams” mini-series makes the case that Adams lost his reelction bid becuase he avoided war with France. Avoiding confrontation just isnt’ sexy, I guess. The question this time around is does the electorate see this shell game for what it is, and recognize how we’ve manipulated. Bush 43 was so brazen about it, and so incompetent, that it seems like the electorate has finally gotten a clue. We’re sick of it, and we’re ready to elect someone to take us down the sane course. Let’s hope we remember it the next time we get all freaked out with fear.

  • Jimmy the Dhimmi

    Hit ’em hard, then go home, and leave behind a dilapidated failed state where 50,000 children each year died of starvation, mass pogroms against political dissidents occurred like never before, the dictator and other war criminals in his cabinet were able to consolidate their power due to their domestic enemies being weakened by American withdrawal of support, the regime turned to supporting islamic terrorist groups as an alternative to its defeated conventional military, Saddam successfully bribed members of the UN security council to erode sanctions and set up entire departments of his government to distribute false evidence of maintaining a stockpile of WMD. Success!!

    And another thing, John Kennedy was the first president to send infantry into Vietnam in order to fight combat missions. Prior to that, only special forces were present in an exclusively supporting role to the South Vietnamese. FDR initiated American involvement against the Nazis in WWII, and Truman initiated American involvement against the Communists in the Korean War. Is Obama actually stating that if he gets elected, expect a war with Iran?