Sen. Robert Byrd Endorses Obama

Sen. Robert Byrd Endorses Obama


The former KKK member (a long, long, long time ago) and West Virginia senator sends a symbolic message to the Democrats in his state who vote overwhelmingly for Hillary.


“As people all across this great nation know, I have been one of the most outspoken opponents of the Bush administration’s misguided war in Iraq and its saber rattling around the globe,” Byrd said.

He said he had “no intention of involving myself in the Democratic campaign for President in the midst of West Virginia’s primary election. But the stakes this November could not be higher.” […]

“Barack Obama is a noble-hearted patriot and humble Christian, and he has my full faith and support,” Byrd concluded.

Long story short, it’s time to unify this party once and for all and Byrd gets that. Too bad Hillary doesn’t.

  • Bob Gem

    If, by “long, long, long time ago” you mean 1982…

    …his views changed dramatically after his teenage grandson was killed in a 1982 traffic accident, which put him in a deep emotional valley. “The death of my grandson caused me to stop and think,” said Byrd, adding he came to realize that black people love their children as much as he does his.

    Better late than never. But I think this highlights how people want to believe that “the troubles”, as they say in Ireland, are further in the past than they are.

  • TerenceC

    BobGem –

    You are wrong! Byrd stopped paying his dues and left the Klan in roughly 1953 – that is over 50 years ago and a Long long long time ago in the life of any man. Byrd voted against several pieces of Civil Rights legislation in the 1960’s but he did vote in favor of the act in 1968. Please don’t mischaracterize a long term pubic servant and one of the most insightful members of the Senate. This information is publically available – so use your free sources before you say anything derogatory.