Libertarians Pick Bob Barr

Libertarians Pick Bob Barr


But it wasn’t an easy nomination process…

Denver — Georgia’s Bob Barr won a long and tense battle Sunday for the 2008 Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination and now faces the daunting task of doing what no third-party candidate has done: Win in November.

It took six ballots and nearly five hours of voting at the Libertarian National Convention before the former four-term congressman defeated Texas business consultant Mary Ruwart for the party’s bid.

Barr, who until 2006 was a Republican, took 54 percent of the vote after Las Vegas odds-maker Wayne Allyn Root dropped out following the fifth ballot and endorsed Barr. Delegates subsequently selected Root to be Barr’s running mate.

So, can he capture a segment of the Ron Paul supporters who want to actually vote for somebody on the ballot instead of just writing somebody in?

And more important, will Barr be McCain’s Nader? Can he strip away enough fiscal conservatives to make a difference in some key states?

Let the speculation begin in earnest…

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  • djthedj

    Hmmm, you must not know much about Ron Paul. No one that supports Paul would support Barr. Barr is in no way shape or form a Libertarian. He put together a successful coup of the party and it is now just another lying right-wing waisteland. Notice, not a word from Barr about the war or our fiscal policy.

  • S.W. Anderson

    Paul seems to have some cult-of-personality thing going with his most ardent followers. Barr will no doubt attract some of them. Others will probably feel too conflicted to get behind Barr in any meaningful way.

    Barr probably will provide a protest-vote outlet for a good many disgruntled Republicans who can’t bring themselves to vote for a Democrat in the general election, but will be damned if they’ll vote for Sen. Flip-flop McPander, no matter how much he wraps himself in the flag and employs swiftboat liars to inject a little election-year GOP-style Viagra into his limp campaign.

  • rachel

    Oh, darn. So the Libertarians passed up the chance to run the Root-Barr ticket? Barr-Root just sounds wrong, somehow.

  • Duckman

    I, too, doubt Barr will attract many Ron Paul supporters. Some, perhaps. But Barr does not have the long record of consistency that Ron Paul has, which fed the “cult of personality” another poster mentioned. Indeed, Barr’s “conversion” to some libertarian ideas has been VERY recent and VERY suspect, particularly his “flip-flop” on the WoD, which is a KEY issue for the libertarian faithful.

    I think Barr will attract more votes from mainstream Republicans disgruntled with McCain than he will from ex-Paul supporters, but even that crossover is limited to those Republicans that oppose the Iraq War (but I bet there are more of them than people currently realize). I personally think most Paul supporters will either write him in or vote for Obama.

  • Djthedj

    I don’t see where it has anything to do with a “cult of personality” surrounding Paul. If anything, his lack of personality has greatly hampered him. It’s about issues and Barr isn’t Libertarian on any except guns and taxes. He’s never said a word about stopping the war that I’ve ever heard, in fact he wants to send troops to Colombia. Not very Libertarian!