"Not The Scott We Knew"

"Not The Scott We Knew"


That’s been the consistent message out of the White House loyalists, and none were more revealing than Ari Fleischer’s appearance on CNN this evening with a panel of reporters.

He basically suggested that McClellan had not really written many of the strongly worded accusations, and even talked of a phone conversation he had with him earlier that day where McClellan said his editor had definitely made some tweaks.

The reporters on the panel promptly laughed in Ari’s face.

In fact, here’s Ari on MSNBC making similar claims of being “heartbroken”…

So then, it feels like the White House and the loyalists are trying to do something here that’s particularly clever. Because when you hear Ari and Rove saying that this isn’t “the Scott we know” as if they’re hurt friends, what they’re really suggesting is that McClellan was not smart enough to write the book.

And yes, maybe it’s true that this was really shocking for everybody involved, but how many of these “after the fact” books do we have to endure before people will start to accept that something is not right at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

Not the Scott we knew? How about not the government we deserve.

  • http://wpblog.ohpinion.com S.W. Anderson

    “. . .but how many of these “after the fact” books do we have to endure before people will start to accept that something is not right at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?”

    Polls have indicated for nearly four years that most Americans realize there’s plenty wrong at the White House, starting with The Decider. The clued in register at about 80 percent of voting-age Americans now.

    How like Fliescher and the rest of these creeps to try to make it appear McClellan’s editor took it on himself to put words in McClellan’s mouth. How like CNN to make itself the ever so accommodating outlet for the White House/RNC spin. I guess Fox was already booked.

  • Ray

    The People deserve honest and open government. The media, hand in glove with the damage control people from the administration, continues to perpetuate the notion that it is normal and good to lie, in order to keep us safe. The focus is now directed upon Scott, when it should be directed toward his allegations. With the courage of men like Scott and others, maybe we can derail this high-speed train whose next scheduled stop is Tyranny, USA.

  • http://across-the-grain.com BenG


    It never ceases to amaze how they will find a way to blame all of their problems on the liberal media. Are they now trying to rationalize this book away? One of their own loyal subjects was taken over against his will by the evil media mogul who inserted his liberal bias into the story!

    Poor Scottie, I wonder if it’s gonna make those ‘rockin chair days’ with the boss a little awkward. No worries, they’ll black out all those unwanted passages and the book will make fine reading in the new presidential library. I see another Comedy Central skit here – but it’s gettin all too painful to laugh.

  • Nick

    Why is it so hard to believe that he is telling the truth? Oh, I know because the people he is talking about do not know what the word truth means.

  • djthedj

    His friends are shocked!!! They’ve never heard him tell the truth before.

  • sic

    What’s so shocking about this book? This might have been shocking in 2002, but by 2008 is there anybody who doesn’t know that the war was based on propaganda, lies and hidden agendas?

  • whutup?

    The MSM is so complicit in this whole weapons of mass deception administrations propaganda machine that it can’t objectively talk about this issue.

    If it wasn’t so tragic and frustrating it would be hilarious. This is a perfect example of how our democratic ideals have been co-opted and compromised. For example: Congress benefits from outdated election laws and campaign finance laws so it never votes for serious reform, the Executive Branch controls the Justice Dept. now to such an extent that it won’t authorize serious investigations of the White House before these characters are out of Dodge, the media can’t be a serious watchdog for the people when its corporate owners and the politicians are co-dependant entities. We are seriously up the creek here, folks.