Rove Responds To McClellan's Accusations

Rove Responds To McClellan's Accusations


Now it’s turning into a he said/he said scenario, and Rove is clever enough to know that he can muddy the waters enough simply by throwing a few big rocks into this pond…like when he says McClellan sounds like a left-wing blogger.

From Hannity and Colmes last night…

Folks, how out of the loop does Rove really think we’re going to believe McClellan was? After all, he’s said in the past that he knows he was lied to regarding the Plame affair, and no amount of carefully parsing by Rove of “Well, he asked this, not that,” will change that for him.

More as it develops…

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  • TerenceC

    Is anyone actually surprised by the criminals’ comments? He is one of the primary cogs in this wheel of incompetence – and he knows it’s only a matter of time before he is either in jail – slapped with multiple fines – or both. It will happen after Bush is out of office – he won’t be pardoned unless Bush does a retroactive pardon for this crowd before he checks out.

  • Tully

    Press secretaries are ALWAYS left largely in the dark. For a reason. So they can look believable when they’re spouting the official line.