Glenn Beck Misses the Mark on Educational Endowments

Glenn Beck Misses the Mark on Educational Endowments


Tom Hanson is the editor of, a site dedicated to tracking the changes occurring in education today especially the impact of technology on teaching and learning. A retired school superintendent, Tom has 32 years of experience in the profession as a classroom teacher, coach and administrator.

To the surprise of many, Glenn Beck continues to appear nightly on CNN where he delivers an exceedingly biased and convoluted form of commentary. Somehow, this conservative commentator remains on the air despite having once offered this singular gem, “I think Jesus Christ and Hitler had a lot in common.”

Such statements have led some to call him a menace and a moron. Keith Olbermann of MSNBC went one step further and referred to the commentator as “a wolf in sheep’s clothing” and a “very dangerously bigoted guy.”

To see why Beck is referred to in such terms we need only turn to a recent example of a convoluted, error-filled argument the commentator penned for CNN regarding taxing higher education endowments. A single read of his op ed piece will leave most educated folks shuddering. With a second read you soon understand why it is that many folks wonder aloud, “How is this man given an opportunity to be on the air?”

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  • Jim S

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Beck hit the mark. It’s CNN’s attempt to compete with Fox for conservative viewers.

  • S.W. Anderson

    Note to blog host. I’ve tried twice to leave a comment, one that is well written and well thought out. Twice, all of a sudden, I am switched to the page linked to above. And when I come back, the comment I was working on has disappeared.

    Sorry, but I don’t have the time or patience to give it a third try.

    Maybe this happens if someone else hits Return on their comment while I am still writing mine. Whatever the cause, it needs fixing.

  • B J Anderson

    This is obviously a pro-Obama site, and obviously masking a heavy left-ward bias behind a veil of “moderate” jargon and “purple” claims. Very well. Beck is absolutely RIGHT, Olbermann is a Goebbels-class propagandist, and the person who wrote this article has in fact never watched either Beck, Fox TV OR Olbermann.

    Why waste your time producing this stuff when there’s a free people that needs defending, hungry that need feeding, and truly needy who need peoples’ energy more than our two broke-ass political parties.