McCain To Make Strong Push For Clinton Voters

McCain To Make Strong Push For Clinton Voters


No doubt he’ll get some of them, but will Clinton voters be jaded enough to vote for McCain instead of a Democrat in the fall?

From Politico:

John McCain portrayed her as a trailblazing model for aspring female politicians yesterday and now one of his top surrogates and vice-presidential prospects is taking the next natural step and promising that they’ll compete for Hillary Clinton’s supporters.

“I think many of those voters are going to consider and support Senator McCain,” said Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty in an afternoon conference calldesigned to prebut Obama’s speech tonight in St. Paul. […]

“They see and saw in Senator Clinton somebody they value experience in and, in many cases — in terms of her personal characteristics — her persistence and strength,” the governor said of Clinton’s backers. “Many of those same characteristics and more are in Senator McCain. So we think he’s going to be able to compete for Senator Clinton’s supporters to a significant degree when and if she terminates her campaign.”

So leads obviously leads into the Democratic Veepstakes, because Obama could lose just enough women to McCain for it to really hurt.

And sure, he could pick Hillary…and many Obama supporters would hold their nose and vote for him anyway. But wouldn’t it be nice if it were a female politician from a swing state like Sebelius, McCaskill or Napolitano? Somebody fresh and new instead of somebody who could potentially offset any gains among Dem women voters because voters coming out on the other side to vote against her?

One last note…if Hillary doesn’t concede tonight (and I don’t think she will), then this speech by McCain will have even more impact. Because it’ll give all those women (and men) time to actually consider a McCain candidacy, and that’s something Democrats don’t want.

More as it develops…

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  • Jim S

    How many of those Clinton supporters are anti-choice, pro-war Republicans? Who else really would support McCain after enough of a general election campaign to point out his true nature?

  • Pdx632

    I think Obama needs a VP who provides the following: Experience in governing, appeal from an area he currently is lacking, and most importantly, someone who is aggressive bordering on attack dog. Barack is way to gentile and someone a little rough around the edges would serve him well.

  • ana j

    Bill Richardson!

    He has the foreign policy experience Obama needs.

  • kranky kritter

    It’s a nice story. But it only works if Hillary Clinton decides to continue her “sour grapes” approach. I’m pretty sure she won’t. because she still wants to be President some day. And the best way for her to do that is to become a good, hard-fighting team player after the convention.

    That makes it an awful hard for the GOP to say Clinton supporters ought to back McCain when Hillary herself (and Bill!) are out there saying that the democrats and Barack Obama are the ones to support.

    By the way, when was the last time we had a sighting of the brash, energetic, bipartisan, straight-talking John McCain? 2006? 2005?