Who is Governor Brian Schweitzer?

Who is Governor Brian Schweitzer?


A popular Democratic governor of a red state? Check.

A politician who walks the walk of post-partisan politics? Check.

A potential VP nominee for Barack Obama? Hmmm…

Watch this interview with Charlie Rose and you tell me…

Needless to say I’m impressed with Schweitzer’s refreshing candor, as is FiveThirtyEight.com:

Last night, Senator Jon Tester impishly threw Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer’s name into the ring as a potential VP choice. That set off a bunch of thoughts, because I have a closer perspective on Schweitzer than most bloggers. Without going into too much detail, I’ve worked a short while in Montana politics, enough to feel relatively confident in the following analysis.

The first time I heard Brian Schweitzer speak, I thought: “This guy is going to be President.” That is not a common reaction on my part to politicians. I’ve listened to hundreds and hundreds of Democratic politicians speak, and I’ve only had that reaction twice in my lifetime. The first was Barack Obama, the second was Brian Schweitzer.

[…] Schweitzer is a hell of a smart guy. A soil scientist and rancher, he spent 6 years in Saudi Arabia working on irrigation projects. He speaks fluent Arabic and has an intuitive grasp of the region based on real life experience. Certainly that would open him up to the sleazy email “Manchurian Candidate” stuff, especially as the radical Islamic Hussein Osama’s running mate. But I have a feeling, knowing Schweitzer, he’d be asked about it and his response would have people slapping their foreheads in laughter with, “Yes! That’s the perfect reply!”

Sure, he’s certainly not perfect, but I’m betting Obama is taking a hard look at him. And while I won’t propose that he could turn Montana blue for Obama in the fall, you never know what can happen in a year where “change” is the central theme.

Long story short, Schweitzer may just be that VP dark horse everybody is ignoring.

We shall see…

  • http://blogginryan.blogspot.com Ryan

    I’ve previously mulled the idea of Governor Schweitzer being on the Dem ticket and I think he brings much to the table. He has the executive experience in running a state government that legislators like Senator Obama don’t have, so that brings an additional perspective to the ticket that can be incredibly valuable.

  • Ferrin

    The only problem for him being a VP is the fact that he is not known across the US, “yet” and if he could bring the state of Montana to the Democrats side it will only be a net gain of 3 points, but his credentials are very impressive and he should be put on the short list and if he did get picked it would be a good choice.

    Who ever McCain or Obama pick up for VP there will be positives and negatives for whomever they pick and the hard and real question is who will be the most helpful when November comes around.

  • cfete

    Never going to happen.
    Schweitzer is the poster boy for coal to fuel.
    The enviros will have an aneurism if he is picked for VP.

  • wj

    There is also the problem that the Democrats do not, at the moment, have much of a bench in Montana. Which means that, if he were selected, not only would the Republican Lt. Governor take over, but there isn’t much of anybody else further down the line either.

    Give him another few years where he is, to build up the party there. Then it might make sense. But unless there was nobody else who was nearly as good, this wouldn’t be the moment.

  • SW

    Actually Schweitzer is a very good idea for Obama despite Montana’s lack of electoral votes. The South is ultimately a no win situation for the Democrats. However, the West has recently become fertile territory for Democrats. Schweitzer may give Obama a leg up in trying to win NM, Colorado, and NV as voters in those competitive states would recognize that their Western interests would be represented in an Obama administration.

  • http://www.westforkblues.blogspot.com Frank

    Brian Schweitzer is smart, popular, and good for Montana. I don’t think he’ll be the choice as VP, however. He may need some more seasoning. He is valuable to the democratic party as an anchor in the Mountian West. He may have too big a personality for the role of VP. Possibly look for him again in 2016.

    Maybe think Evan Bahy of IN as VP. It might help turn IN blue and help with PA and OH. Just my thoughts.