Watch Hillary Clinton's Concession Speech Live

Watch Hillary Clinton's Concession Speech Live


Courtesy of MSNBC.

Okay, the feed is down now, so a couple thoughts…

  1. This was probably one of the better speeches she has given on the campaign trail, and she certainly hammered home the importance of not switching over to McCain. You could definitely hear the boo-birds when she first started saying his name, but they eventually died down.
  2. I think it was a VERY good call for Obama to not be on that stage today. They can have the classic, arm raised photo op later, but this was her time to talk to her supporters and leave this campaign as her own person.
  3. She had one line in particular that really resonated with me and it went something like this, “We may not have broken the glass ceiling this time around, but it’s got about 18 million cracks in it and the light is shining through.” Definitely a historical line for a historical candidate who, even with all of her flaws, still put up one hell of a fight.
  4. Could she be the VP? I don’t know, but this speech certainly helped her case. Ultimately, I don’t think it’s going to go to her, and I’m not sure if the reports that she wants the job are even accurate. It’ll be interesting to see how this next month shakes out.

So that’s all I’ve got. Anybody else see it? Thoughts? Likes? Dislikes?

  • Johnny Tripwire

    Wow, she will be missed. I dunno, Somehow I dont think Obama will last two weeks if elected so we might see her again.


  • john

    Without saying my affiliation with a political party, religion, gender, sexual preference, or age…

    I’m so tired of Repubs posing as Dems and Dems posing as Repubs on these sites.

    It’s boring, transparent, pathetiic and cowardly.

    If you are too threatened by heated, direct conversation about the political process then get out of the kitchen.

    Just keep this in mind no matter who you vote for. Gay Rights are Civil Rights. Gay Rights are Civil Rights Gay Rights are Civil Rights.

    And if you happen to be one of the mentally unfortunate who cling to 1950’s deep south hypocriscy then I pray for you.

    Name one law abiding segment of our population who is separated out and given a different set of laws. You can’t. The law abiding population is supposed to be treated equally. At least ideally. But we don’t have laws set up saying that if you are a black man or a mexican-american woman you can’t do x, y, or z.

    Only gays and lesbians are set aside in this society. They have taken place of the African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and so forth as the last acceptable punching bags of discrimination.

    It’s ugly. It’s really a complete insult to what our country is suppose to stand for. Our country is suppose to embrace legal equality.

  • True Blue

    Over the past few hours, I’ve had the chance to replay the speech by Hillary Clinton three times. I listened intently, not just to the words, but to their conviction. I’m sad to say it sounded disingenuous and contrived, perhaps even forced, though it didn’t need to be. It was an opportunity to address not just those who supported her, but more importantly, those who still lacked the ability to proceed beyond the moment by booing the name of the current nominee, Barack Obama. It was a catalyst opportunity that didn’t see fruition.

    What I had hoped, was a speech that displayed the best of one’s character, that detracted the focus on the failure to reach the mark, and placed less emphasis on egotism in the face of defeat. Hillary ran the best campaign possible, tooth and nail, and for that, she can hold her head up high.

    I’m sure she must feel a sense of loss at the end of this campaign, but I hope that in the coming months, Hillary will engage the public as a person who made an astounding mark on political history, who can admit that politicians fight fiercely for there constituents, even occasionally trying to outbest her opponent verbally. Now that the gloves are off, I would like to see her motivate her supporters as to how much is at stake in this general election, not merely with words, but with conviction and sincerity.

  • Tully

    Notable points: She didn’t end her campaign, she “suspended” it. And she’s keeping her pledged delegates. She did not release them.