Make Bill Richardson VP Or He'll Kill This Child

Make Bill Richardson VP Or He'll Kill This Child


I stole the pic and line from Ezra, but what about Bill?

After all, he’s got the swing state, gubernatorial experience, a demonstratable post-partisan track record and his foreign policy credentials are literally second to none in this or nearly any VP crop I can remember.

Plus, his endorsement of Obama came at a time when the junior senator really needed something to take the focus off of the Jeremiah Wright dust up, and don’t think Richardson didn’t know that.


  • Avinash_Tyagi

    No, a second minority on the ticket isn’t going to happen

    It’ll be a white guy, the question is, Webb, Biden or Edwards?

  • James

    While I think Bill Richardson rocks, I agree with the previous post in that I don’t think the campaign will want to have another minority candidate. But I don’t think it will be be Biden or Edward (although I like Edwards) more likely Clark, Webb or Seltzer, with Sebelius as a long shot.

  • SpellBound

    Wesley Clark.

    He’s auditioning for the role. See his blast of JMcC’s national security credentials on MSNBC: Video. If he gets traction with this line, he’s a shoe-in for the VP slot.

  • gerryf

    Richardson has secretary of state locked up.

    That said, I like almost everything about Richardson, as was already pointed out. I still think Sebelius will get the nod (technically, as a woman, she is a minority, but what the heck)

  • DesertJeff

    I’d like to see him go with Governor Schweitzer of Montana or Gov. Bredesen of Tennessee. Both Democratic governors of red states with good cross-partisan appeal. And they provide some good geographical diversity to the ticket. And then there’s the gubernatorial experience.

  • wj

    If he had a name like Sanchez, I agree that there would be no chance. But with a name like Richardson….

    The people who would be most put off by a second minority on the ticket are, I suspect, generally the sort of low-information voters who would see a name like Richardson and think no further. Even if someone else was working hard to try and sell the fact that his is Hispanic. The only people who would be likely to be aware are Hispanic voters — and getting an edge over McCain in that demographic would certainly be a plus.

  • Jim S

    VP or SecState? VP or SecState? VP or SecState? I think Secretary of State but I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing him as VP. I really like the idea of Biden but I don’t know about pulling a Democrat out of the Senate.

  • CCS

    VP! VP! oh please oh please oh pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeeeeee.

  • kranky kritter

    I think this would be a strong ticket. I’m apparently in the minority that favors the holistic approach: creating a strong ticket composed of two strong vibrant and likable candidates is what makes the most sense.

    I am highly skeptical of various strategic approaches regarding balancing the ticket by shoring up this or that weak area with a general or a woman or an old experienced white guy. That seldom ends up mattering anywhere near as much as folks like to imagine. If you disagree, name the last 3 VPs from the losing tickets. Obama could appoint Genghis Khan his running mate and he’d still attract askance from hawks.

    Richardson and Obama seem very sympatico, and that synergy will produce vibrance, confidence, and competence.