Attacking McCain's Service Not a Good Strategy

Attacking McCain's Service Not a Good Strategy


There are a lot of legitimate ways Barack Obama supporters can criticize John McCain. But one of the worst lines of attack I can think of is to go after McCain’s military service. And yet, we have Obama surrogates like Wesley Clark belittling McCain’s heroism and major liberal blogger John Aravosis making this ridiculous statement:

“Honestly, besides being tortured, what did McCain do to excel in the military? … Getting shot down, tortured, and then doing propaganda for the enemy is not command experience.”

First of all, only the most cynically opportunistic of people would blame McCain for anything the Vietcong forced him to do during torturous captivity. Secondly, I would argue McCain’s time as a prisoner of war sure as hell matters as it shows a level of resolve and ability to survive under intense pressure. I know Harvard Law is pretty difficult too, but, come on…

The Obama campaign, which has shown amazing message discipline in the past, should clamp down on this line of attack immediately. Obama’s supporters don’t need to get nasty to win this thing and should be chastised for doing so.

  • mw

    Surprisingly, some on the left are not listening to you Alan.

    Agree that this is not helpful for Obama and is more likely to produce a backlash and support for McCain if it continues.

  • TheMiddle

    Agreed. In general I’m for a more civil, topic oriented discussion, and this is just pointless. McCain has plenty of leadership experience to be qualified for POTUS without having spent a day in the military, the fact that he did serve, and serve with honor only helps to bolster that credibility. I do hope that Obama clamps down on Clark, and it likely will, as it has done more to keep its message on track than any campaign I can remember in recent history. Its not without gaffes, but at least for the most part it has quashed the extreme lefts 527’s. And thats a fine start.