Wesley Clark, Please Remove Foot From Mouth

Wesley Clark, Please Remove Foot From Mouth


As opposed to misinterpreting what McCain said about gas prices…this one is crystal clear…

“I don’t think getting in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to become president.”

As Ambinder notes, this one belongs in “The Better Left Unsaid Department…

  • Luther Brixton

    “As Ambinder notes, this one belongs in “The Better Left Unsaid Department”

    Why? Because it’s too truthful to face? Because in 2004 smearing a decorated war hero, while praising an incompetent draftdodger, was OK but now that the war hero isn’t a Democratic candidate, there’s no comeback for the GOP?

    The only reason that rightwingers would consider Gen Wesley Clark’s statement in the “Better Left Unsaid Department” is because there is nothing that the swift-boating clown-brigade of the GOP can say that wouldn’t invite laughter.

  • Ed


    Where was all this outrage when Kerry’s military service was questioned? The bottom line is that McCain’s service, while admirable, does not make him more qualified to be the our CIVILIAN leader of the armed forces. As a matter of fact, McCain has a one-track, militaristic world view that is dangerous.

    Clark will take the criticism for now, but the bottom line is that, as Karl Rove was deified for, Democrats are going to nullify McCain’s perceived strengths as an experienced leader by forcing the media to focus on exactly what McCain’s military experience is. And based on what’s actually in McCain’s military records, that’s not a light the Republican want to shine.

  • Kelly

    There is an ad just to the left of this post with footage of John McCain after his release from Vietnam, touting his Courage. No one doubts that John McCain suffered horribly and served honorably. But exactly how did his military service prepare him for leadership? I’ve yet to make the connection.

  • http://westanddivided.blogspot.com/ mw

    Actually there was plenty of outrage over the treatment that Kerry got at the hands of the Republican 527’s “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth” attack of Kerry’s military record. So much so, that getting “swift-boated” has passed into our language as a verb for an unfair and underhanded political attack. Example in a sentence:“Obama won’t need any 527’s if he can get his surrogates to “swift-boat” McCain.”

    I do think that this was a Wesley Clark foot-in-mouth gaffe rather than a calculated political attack by the campaign. I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama quickly disowns it.