McCain Not Treating Barr as a Threat

McCain Not Treating Barr as a Threat


Will Libertarian Party presidential nominee Bob Barr be a threat to John McCain? Apparently, McCain doesn’t think so. Often, the two major parties will try to deal with third party threats by knocking the third-party challenger off the ballot in as many states as possible. For instance, Democrats tried to block Ralph Nader’s ballot access in 18 states in 2004.

But the McCain campaign is just flat-out ignoring Barr, even refusing to comment on the Libertarian. This is probably the right course of action. The Libertarian Party is no fly-by-night group and has secured ballot access for the candidate in 48 of the 50 states for every presidential election since 1988. Challenging the Libertarians would not only be a waste of money but would give publicity to Barr.

As for Barr himself, I just don’t see him being a significant threat to McCain. Other than his sanctimonious performance during the Bill Clinton impeachment and his deplorable association with racist organizations, Barr is not the kind of guy who’s spent a career in the spotlight. Is anyone getting excited about a Bob Barr candidacy?

I question why the Libertarians even nominated the guy given that he was once a major proponent of the War on Drugs, a backer of the Iraq war and a supporter of the Patriot Act. Until recently, Barr was nothing more than a rubberstamping Republican. You want to talk flip flops? Let’s talk Bob Barr. He may give the Libertarians a “known” name at the top of their ballot but anyone who buys that this guy is worth voting for is either desperate for a justifiable protest vote or is completely incognizant of Barr’s career.

McCain may have to deal with Barr more directly in the future. But, for now, ignoring him is the right choice.

  • Bob

    Only spot where Barr might cause trouble is Georgia but even than it doesn’t look like much of a threat. Also Barr’s few votes taken away might equal the few votes Cynthia McKinney takes from Obama. All in all third party candidates are going to do very little this year. Nader, McKinney and Barr are all pretty much joke candidates.