Cross Mark Sanford Off The Veep List

Cross Mark Sanford Off The Veep List


The South Carolina Governor has been mentioned as a possible dark horse candidate for McCain’s right hand position, but he won’t be coming back from this one…

Now, he contends he wasn’t even on McCain’s list

Sanford was later asked if he was being vetted for the VP job. He said he has not been asked for his personal income tax records or other documents, which are standard when a campaign conducts a background check on potential vice presidential candidates.

Sorry, but whenever you see these folks on talks shows acting like surrogates for the campaign, you know they’re in contention. And now I can almost assure you that Sanford won’t be on the ticket comes this fall. That clip is just too painful.

  • Jim S

    I actually couldn’t watch the whole thing. No, McCain isn’t a Bush clone…except the part of his brain that deals with the economy and taxes. And the Supreme Court. And gay rights. And most issues near and dear to the social conservatives of the party. Or at least that’s what he has campaigned as to the Republicans.