Cheney May Not Attend Convention

Cheney May Not Attend Convention


Some politicians are unpopular. Some are toxic. Vice President Dick Cheney is apparently the latter. Looks like the most powerful (and most unpopular) veep in recent history will be sitting out the Republican Convention. Seems John McCain’s people would rather not have viewers at home reminded that, you know, McCain is in the same party as Cheney.

With the McCain campaign already considering timing the announcement of the VP choice to minimize coverage of President Bush during the convention, you have to wonder what else McCain might do to distance himself from the current administration. Look for his acceptance speech to be chock-full of criticisms of the White House and promises for change.

  • Dollface

    Seems like a rather transparent attempt to distance himself from the Bush administration. Does McCain really think it will work? I think Cheney’s absence from the Convention would be more conspicuous than if he attended.

  • rachel

    Dollface, I disagree. Cheney could plead ill health, and nobody would blink as long as he stays out of the public eye until the Convention is well over.