McCain Backs Proper Tire Inflation

McCain Backs Proper Tire Inflation


“Obama said a couple of days ago says we all should inflate our tires. I don’t disagree with that. The American Automobile Association strongly recommends it. My friends, let’s do that, but do you think that’s enough to break our dependence on foreign oil? I don’t think so.”

Yeah, because that was Obama’s entire energy plan…proper tire inflation.

As Ben Smith points out…

The tire gauge argument, however, seemed to depend on mocking Obama’s suggestion and insisting that it was all he had to say on gas prices; calling it reasonable but saying it’s not enough puts you in more or less the same place as Obama.

Actually, where it puts McCain is disconnected from some easy, real world solutions that could help fuel efficiency immediately. Not only that, by mocking the idea and trying to make Obama look like a fool for suggesting it he has soured probably half the electorate on the idea.

In other words, he put his political interests before solutions that could literally save us billions of gallons of fuel a year.

Moving on…

  • Mudslide

    No, using correct tire pressure will not solve our dependence on foriegn oil but neither will drilling. The only solution is to find something else to run our cars on. Whether that will be electricity, ethanol, biodeisel, hydrogen it doesn’t matter as long as it is something we can produce here in the US. We need a major push by the government to develop the next generation cars and the infrastructure to support them and we need it soon.

  • Jimmy the Dhimmi

    Nonsense. Obama suggested that we could substitute all of the petroleum generated from drilling by inflating our tires instead.

    America doesn’t need to produce more energy to meet growing demand, if we all reduce our demand by inflating tires, turning off lights, not going on vacation, setting our thermostat to 65 degrees ect. Perhaps this is true;however, is that a good “plan” for the federal government to adopt? Of course not.

    Is it a “real world solution?” No way. Everybody already knows how to reduce energy consumption, but they do it only when it suits them. How does Obama-as-president simply suggesting that everybody inflate their tires offer any “real world solution?” This is why we should vote for Obama?

  • mdgeorge

    Mudslide: which technology we choose does in fact matter; two that you mention (ethanol, hydrogen) actually require more energy to produce than they release. They’re really more like energy transport mechanisms. Moreover, ethanol and biodiesel both put pressure on the world food markets.

    Jimmy: This first came up in Obama’s response to a town hall question: ‘what can I, as an individual, do to help with the energy crisis’. To suggest that that’s his plan is just wrong.

  • Jasib

    As usual, the imperative of making the other side look ridiculous has trumped everyone’s ability to deal with the real world. The truth is that neither McCain nor Obama has as simplistic an approach as one would conclude from reading blogs. Neither of them suggest that just drilling or just conservation will work. Both of them support the development of alternative energies. Both of them recognize that such development will take a long time, thus requiring continued dependence on oil for some decades in between.

    But dealing with the complexities of an entirely energy plan requires, like, work and stuff. And reiterating simplistic and snide stereotypes about the other side’s candidate gets one applause from similarly minded partisans while requiring no new thought whatsoever.

    Anyone in the blogosphere (left, right, AND center) who wants to complain about how nothing ever seems to get accomplished with regards to energy policy (or a whole host of other issues) can start their search for blame by looking in a freaking mirror.

  • Mudslide

    Jimmy: You missed the entire point of what I said.

    mdgeorge: Corn ethanol does indeed use more energy to produce than you get out of it but I am refering to cellulosic ethanol made from switch grass or hemp which gains four times the energy it takes to make. Hydrogen burned as a fuel may take more to produce than we get out of it but has anyone figured out how much energy it takes to make a gallon of gas? I also think that hydrogen fuel cells would be the way to go rather than burning the hydrogen directly.

  • Dumbfounded

    These are the facts, if you were to research the benifits of proper tire inflation you would quickly discover the immediate benifits. Mccain’s camp has decided to be political about the situation and make Obama sound like a retard. Niether of them are going to be able to take care of the gas situation in one term, maybe not even two. Noone wants to really hear that, either of them could put in motion a plan that will lead us where we need to be, but it would involve all of us buying new vehichles, with new and improved gadgets, that cost an arm and a leg, sorta like the new ” smart car”. Americans need to realize we need to be more independant… the freedom we have has been our burdon in actuality, because we protest everything we hear or see as soon as someone we “idolize decides to protest it. We need to take care of WE. turn off lights, regulate the tempuature in your house, PROPERLY inflate your tires, stop buying 91 octane. by the way, do a google on the benifits of high octane, and the neccessity for your auto. it reduces power, but will not damage your car, another worthless fact.