Are You An EcoDriver?

Are You An EcoDriver?


Yes, you can actually do a lot right now to get better gas mileage and help drive down costs, like proper tire inflation, etc.

In fact, Arnold Schwarzenegger is helping out a new website called EcoDrivingUSA that promises to give you tips and tricks to help your wallet and the planet.

Hmm, sounds familiar…

  • Lincoln Madison

    Seems to me that Step 1 in eco-driving should be “sell the Hummers”! Seriously, don’t they get, like, 7 or 8 mpg at best?

    I have a car that is 15 years old, but that can still (on a good day) get 35 mpg on the highway with four grown men (6ft plus) sitting comfortably. In fact it gets better mileage than a lot of newer, smaller, less powerful cars. The secret is just (1) routine maintenance, including tire pressure, and (2) ease off the speed a little — 55 to 60 makes a noticeable difference compared to 65 to 70.