Gallup: Obama Up By 2

Gallup: Obama Up By 2


He gained 1 from yesterday as we head into convention week, which should give Obama a bounce.

Still, Gallup shares why they think Barack should be leading by more…

Obama’s support has not gone above 49% in any Gallup Poll Daily report since Gallup began tracking the Obama-McCain race in early March. However, given the Democratic advantage in national party identification, 50% or better support for Obama would seem to be within reach.

More tomorrow…

  • Ed in NJ

    There is no question that McCain’s attacks have put a dent in Obama’s lead, but it’s important to consider that most people do not follow the race as closely as us internet political junkies. So the image of McCain the Maverick, which we know is false, still registers with most centrists in both parties, and independents.

    Once the conventions and debates roll around, I am sure that the numbers will reflect the generic Dem vs. Repub numbers, as the myth of the maverick is replaced by the truth, that McCain and Bush are one and the same.