Lieberman Reportedly Out Of The Running

Lieberman Reportedly Out Of The Running


From Politico:

In a strong sign that John McCain has not selected Joe Lieberman to be his running mate, Republican members of Congress were told today by McCain’s campaign that the Arizona senator would tap a traditional number two, according to a GOP source. […]

McCain has been mulling the prospect of tapping Lieberman, and the Democrat-turned-independent Connecticut senator has apparently been vetted.

But Republicans have strongly warned against picking Lieberman, a supporter of abortion rights, and Karl Rove even contacted the senator to urge him to withdraw his name from the veepstakes.

So, as I’ve suspected for quite some time now, this leaves Romney and Pawlenty on the table as the last two Veep choices. Of course there’s always room for a surprise, but my guess is that McCain will go with one of these two and position somebody like Pawlenty as a “surprise.”

We shall see…

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