Video: Obama's Full Speech

Video: Obama's Full Speech


Video provided by MSNBC.

What impressed me so much about this speech is Obama essentially reframed the American Dream tonight as something we can all share if we believe in the liberal traditions of fairness and equality.

So call him a fake and a phony all you want. But tonight he called upon the middle class to take back a country that hasn’t been working for them. And I have a feeling they’re going to do just that.

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  • mw

    I’d vote for him if there was a Republican majority in either house to provide some constraint on his power. But since we could very well have a 100 seat Dem majority in the house, and a 60-40 filibuster proof Dem majority in the Senate, that is just one hell of a lot of power to blindly entrust to a charismatic leader. Perhaps the most unfettered power ever put in the hands of an American President. I sure hope he is deserving of the uncritical and unquestioning faith so many are willing to invest in him. Because if not, we could all be in for a lot more change than we bargained for.

  • phin

    “we can all share if we believe in the liberal traditions of fairness and equality”

    If liberals/progressives were half as smart and honest with themselves as they think they are, they would take a long hard look across the Atlantic and even a bit to your north (my country Canada), and you would see how these liberal traditions of so-called “fairness and equality” that American liberals have wet dreams over have played over in our countries. Here’s a hint, those dreams of yours are increasingly becoming our national nightmares. It’s no coincidence that most of us are trying our damnest to break away from those “dreams” before they sink us. It’s no coincidence that the French left got hammered by Sarkozy and it’s no coincidence that the left, intellectually especially, is in retreat throughout most of the Western nations. But here’s the thing about the “fairness and equality” of liberal governance, it’s actually pretty easy to set the ball in motion. But after it fails, and it WILL fail, spectacularly, it is sooooooooo much harder to undo the damage. Believe me, we are friggin’ trying…

    But in case you still want to share in your self-delusions about modern liberalism, here’s a couple of things that you can look forward to: an increasingly bigger and bigger federal government (the bigger it gets by the way, the more useless, unaccountable and wasteful it becomes), get used to 1.5 % to about 2.5 % (if you’re really lucky) GDP growth (when your economy is doing well!!), get used to much longer and painful recessions and slowdowns, get used to unemployment hovering around 8 to 10 %, get used to less and less doctors, less and less nurses and less and less hospitals available, get used to long waiting lines for your “free” health care (where of course the government bureaucrats will decide who gets to have “free” health care, depending on their criteria, whether you like it or not), get used to higher and higher taxes which of course go with less and less services, get used to an even crappier education system than the one you have right now, get used to less and less immigrants successfully integrating into society (see how well liberal Europe has done on THAT score), get used to an electorate that becomes less and less self-reliant and more and more dependent on government (which suits statist liberals just fine of course; the more citizens are dependent on government, the easier they are to manipulate and basically screw over, the easier it is for politicians to get away with it), get used to human rights commissions (and their unaccountable, unelected bureaucrats) who are to instruct you on what is or isn’t permissible, offensive and/or harmful to say and/or do based on what they define as “offensive” and /or “hurtful” of course…for your own good. I could go on. These are some of the problems that my country Canada and most Western European states are really struggling with right now, to varying degrees, mainly thanks to a generation of entrenched liberal dogma of the kind that your Obama apparently thinks America needs. If you think the US is doing bad now, wait until this guy and his ideologues have their way. Regarding the “liberal” dream, you ain’t seen nothing yet my friend.

    And I haven’t even touched the long term effects that liberalism has on a nation’s foreign policy. Believe me, it can get much worse than what you know.

    Our Obama by the way was Pierre Elliot Trudeau and he had the best of intentions and hopes as well. Alas, things have not turned out quite the way he might have hoped.

    Anyway, you’ll see for yourselves in a couple of years after the liberal version of George W. Bush from 2000 with a full Dem congress under his control and a media stuck firmly up his ass, has the chance to share his ideas of “fairness and equality.” But hey misery loves company, so by then yall will be as miserable as we all are. Perhaps that’s why Europeans are so fond of Mister Obama.

  • steeeve

    wow, you have apparently havent lived in this country under the reign of King George II… or ever lived in this country… or been sick in this country and had to wait in the 24 hour lines at the hospital. Hell, i have a friend that sat in the waiting room for 40 hours with a broken nose… 40 HOURS! he had to sleep there, so i dont want to hear about you and your poor little hour wait… you havent gone to the schools in this country… or seen the slums of this country…… you probably watch fox news though huh?

    I thought all the ultra-conservative idiots were here, i guess canada and europe must have their share too.. you need to spend 5 years in Texas and see what you think of conservatives then… youre probably just crying because you think taxes are too high or just would hate any government you had to live under. i know plenty of people like you who cry “everyone in government is corrupt and out to get poor ol’ me” it gets really annoying, so please keep the bs to yourself or go cry to someone who cares. personally id pay 50% taxes on everything i made if it was spent properly and invested in the good of EVERYONE in my country, not just the wealthiest 2%.

    i dont quite understand why you attack the ideas of fairness and equality so much unless youre nothing more than a bigot? Are you scared that a black man might actually make it to power in America? Get over it and please go croak somewhere, the world needs less people like you.. btw youre the only person in europe or canada or from europe or canada ive ever spoken to who defends this country’s conservatives. so ill take my chances with the intelligent charismatic liberal young black man. and he will be elected come november, so get over it and go back to burning crosses.

  • Shazzar