Word coming out of the Republican National Convention is that Hurricane Gustav may dramatically affect the proceedings to the point of causing the RNC to postpone the event. There is also talk of turning the convention into a massive fundraiser for victims of the storm.

By the sound of it, the Republicans are not going to allow themselves to make the mistake of holding a party while a hurricane smashes the Gulf Coast (can you imagine the Nero allusions?). The Republicans have to be extremely careful with how they proceed. If the storm is as awful as predicted, a quick, poorly televised convention a few weeks from now would be a better option than continuing as planned. It’s not just a matter of competing for media time. It’s a matter of being respectful of a very serious situation as well as making sure Republican leaders, such as President Bush and Gulf Coast elected officials, are where they need to be to provide the leadership that the nation may need.

Hopefully, the storm won’t be anything like predicted. But I’m glad to hear the Republicans are taking the matter seriously. This is awful timing for the Republicans. But if John McCain is going to be president, he’ll have to handle the unexpected. We’ll see what happens now.

  • Hopefully, the storm won’t be anything like predicted.

    Tell that to Michael Moore or DNC Chairman Don Fowler.

  • Avinash_Tyagi

    They’re saying that they are going to hold it still, and McCain is going to give his acceptance speech from the disaster zone, probably going to try and tie in his time as a POW into the Hurricane


    Like the poor, hurricanes will always be with us and always have been.

    They’re not due to the myth of global warming or else how do we explain the Big One of 1938 which still stands as the most merciless storm ever to strike the East Coast?

    They’re not due to the wrath of God wreaking vengeance on the wicked any more than are droughts, cold waves, heat waves, and floods.

    They’re due to a capricious Mother Nature who spared us for two years following Katrina and now seems bent on compensating in 2008 for that indulgence.

    If anything, hurricanes represent a test of human beings, not an intentional testing but rather more an opportunity for people to exercise their God-given sense of reason and their capacity to draw intelligent conclusions.

    America’s original Sin City, the Big Easy in every way, New Orleans, was built where no city should ever have been built, below sea level for the most part and historically subject to natural assaults and ravages. It’s welcome news that the inept Mayor Nagin seems ready for Gustav and has warned looters not to loot and residents to flee the oncoming storm. This is a distinct improvement on his actions, and inactions, before, during and after Katrina when Nagin sent residents to an ill-equipped and unprepared Superdome during Katrina where they went without food, water, and adequate sanitary facilities while he got drunk in the Hyatt.
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