john mccain embraces for hurrican gustav and palin political cartoon
  • Justin Gardner

    Heh. Indeed!

    Let’s face it…he simply did not vet this woman. He made an unserious pick to rally former Clinton supporters and it’s now becoming transparently obvious.

    What a shame. Women deserve more.

  • mw

    You probably should take Gerryf’s advice: Dems need to take this woman seriously.”

    But… Most Dems are quite “unserious” about Palin.

    It is the path to President McCain.

  • pico

    I agree with mw. George Lakoff offers a good analysis of the problem facing Democrats with Palin:

    “But the Palin nomination changes the game. The initial response has been to try to keep the focus on external realities, the “issues,” and differences on the issues. But the Palin nomination is not basically about external realities and what Democrats call “issues,” but about the symbolic mechanisms of the political mind — the worldviews, frames, metaphors, cultural narratives, and stereotypes. The Republicans can’t win on realities. Her job is to speak the language of conservatism, activate the conservative view of the world, and use the advantages that conservatives have in dominating political discourse…

    Palin is masterful at the Republican game of taking the Democrats’ language and reframing it — putting conservative frames to progressive words: Reform, prosperity, peace. She is also masterful at using the progressive narratives: she’s from the working class, working her way up from hockey mom and the PTA to mayor, governor, and VP candidate. Her husband is a union member. She can say to the conservative populists that she is one of them — all the things that Obama and Biden have been saying. Bottom-up, not top-down.

    Yes, the McCain-Palin ticket is weak on the major realities. But it is strong on the symbolic dimension of politics that Republicans are so good at marketing. Just arguing the realities, the issues, the hard truths should be enough in times this bad, but the political mind and its response to symbolism cannot be ignored. The initial Democratic response to Palin — the response based on realities alone — indicates that many Democrats have not learned the lessons of the Reagan and Bush years.”

    It does look like Palin wasn’t vetted nearly as thoroughly as she should have been, but so long as the Republicans can frame the discourse and perceived realities of the campaign, it may not matter what comes out about her. To treat Palin as anything less than a legitimate threat is a big miscalculation I think.

  • gerryf

    This truly is a fascinating situation; we may never get to measure Palin’s mettle because all the scrutiny is making the situation untenable for McCain.

    No matter what you think of Palin, the hub bub around her is distracting the message McCain wants to deliver. Even though the presidential selection process was obscenely long this year, the president race is still a sprint from the convention to election day.

    With such a compressed timeframe, can the McCain camp weather the storm of a dozen controversies–even if they turn out to be irrelevent (and of course, even if I think they are irrelevent, some people will not)?

    McCain has a little over two months to frame a message and sell it; Palin is a distraction no matter how capable she is.

    Whether you see this as McCain did not properly vet her, or that she was hand picked by a “christian cabal” doesn’t really matter anymore.

    Her detractors are now defining her in the nation’s eyes faster than she and the GOP can define her–and that’s a losing proposition.

    I think she was a better choice than people are giving her credit for, but I am sticking by my prediction of yesterday. My gut tells me she “withdraws” this week to protect her daugher from the national scrutiny and McCain picks Huckabee to mollify the right.

    What would be really interesting is if McCain says “screw you” to the far right and goes with his original choices of Ridge or Lieberman.

    That is what the Maverick would do and if this were 8 years ago I would half expect it; I don’t expect the Maverick to make an appearance this time, though.

    If he does, for me anyway, that would change things considerably and I would be much more inclined to consider him–not because he dropped Palin, but because it would show that the more independent-minded McCain is still alive and kicking in there somewhere.

    I think both men have tended to reject a little of what brought them this far, as is natural in a general election, but for me all the things McCain has changed are those things that made him a good choice. It is probably too late, though, now.

  • J. Harden

    Maybe true, Justin. But black Americans deserve better than Obama…way better.

  • krabbie

    Sarah is the perfect VP wish for the Dems. Power hungry ( imagine if this was a Democratic woman VP leaving her challenged child to champagn?) Power Abusing Vindictive woman. She gets a pass because of the grief the MSM took for fully vetting Hilary. Actually the MSM vetted Hilary to a post and drove the nails in. Now Miss Congeniality gets a pass????? WHAT!!!!!!!! the F. And it is Her-a-Cain that is the issue now. READY???? I think not. Good Judgement, I think not. Won’t be ready for 10 or 15 years. And don’t even compare to the Dem runners.
    Her daughter is fair game, she is an adult with an adult body and a adult choice to not follow her mothers message of “ABSTINENCE TILL MARRIED”. Why should she get a pass. Like the pass that Chelsea got???? from the Pubs?
    Let’s Rumble!!!