Violent Protests Disrupt RNC

Violent Protests Disrupt RNC


While the Republicans did what they could to be respectful as Hurricane Gustav hit Louisiana, protests at the RNC turned violent. In the midst of what was supposed to be a peaceful anti-war rally, self-identified anarchists as well as a group dubbing themselves Funk the War broke car and shop windows, tried to block streets and attacked convention delegates. A brick was thrown threw a bus carrying delegates to the convention and other delegates reported protestors trying to rip their credentials from their necks and spraying toxic, staining spray in their faces. The police called in 150 National Guard members to help control the protestors.

Hopefully the St. Paul police and protest organizers will be able to prevent future outbreaks during the rest of the convention.

  • Tyler Hayes

    I am so incredibly ashamed to live in this world right now, not to mention also live in Minneapolis. I was invited to one of these so-called “protests” by a good friend of mine and decided not to go for this exact reason. There’s always at least one group that seems to be out of control, sad really.

    On another note, FEATURE REQ! Many blogs have “remember my credentials” in the Leave a Reply area, is it too much to ask for that here?

  • KJS

    Glad to see people expressing their views by hurting other people. Always a mature response.

    This type of activity also gives the St. Paul PD the ability to say, right or wrong, that the raids earlier this weekend on the RNC Welcoming Committee were totally justified.

  • pico

    It’s always depressing to see people misuse their freedoms in such a disgraceful fashion… these goons give protesters a bad name.

  • Paul, Seattle

    The Republican party has lead our country into a false war and driven our economy into the ground. I’m glad these arrogant bastards and their blind sheep followers are getting some comeuppance. With any luck the protests will continue and completely upstage whatever line of BS the GOP is peddling at the convention.

  • steeeve

    I agree it is wrong to protest violently.. but on the other hand i cant blame them for being extremely pissed off about the fact that this party is even allowed to hold a convention after the crimes (yes, CRIMES) it has committed in the last 8 years. Either way its not the smart thing to do because it paints you as a radical and gives them free publicity… doesnt help your cause at all.

  • tim

    P.S. What Paul said…..YES!

  • Alan Stewart Carl

    tim … congrats, for the first time ever, you’ve forced me to delete a comment (that would be the one previous to your P.S. comment). You crossed the line when you advocated violence. Paul’s comments are close to that line but you crossed it. I can accept a LOT of things being said on this blog but I cannot accept comments that encourage violence. Sorry.

    BTW, these anarchists injured an 80 year-old woman. But anything for the cause, right?

  • Alan Stewart Carl

    O.k., my irritation screwed with my sentence structure. To be clear — for the first time EVER, I’ve deleted a comment. And it’s all thanks to you.

  • NaderPaulKucinichGravel

    Real Conservatives

    End Neocon GREED
    Ron Ralph St Paul United

    “America where are you now?
    Don’t you care about your sons and daughters?
    Don’t you know we need you now
    We can’t fight alone against the monster”

    gravel kucinich paul nader
    mckinney ventura too
    perot charts

  • J.Doe

    I’m torn on this issue because yes, violence is wrong. However, we as citizens are supposed to rise up when things are so terribly wrong and remind the government that they serve us. I can’t help but wonder if the whole “we’ve moved past the days of violence” is a subtle way of keeping us from doing exactly what is needed. I totally agree that violence should never happen. But when our politicians refuse to listen to us, what other options are there? The government should be afraid of the people. That’s the only way to ensure they’ll listen and continue listening. Now it’s the complete opposite. If anyone tries to dissent, following the footsteps of our founding fathers, they’re brought down with extreme prejudice and an example is made of them. Hopefully Obama will start repairing this shipwreck.

  • quig

    I find it interesting that people who claim to be against war and violence resort to violence to further their own goals. Rather hypocritical, don’t you think?

  • Tim Singleton

    Oh, please. You have to be kidding. These buncha buttmonkeys running around breaking windows was not about politics…it was about a crew of young malcontents who woke from a hangover in a pissy mood.

    Violence in this country is not proper. You continue to become angry, as do I, that out country and out lives continue to deteriorate.

    Yet, yet, when someone tries to explain to you how both parties are on the same team, how the Hegellian Dielectic is pitting us against each other, how inflation is not natural but is indeed a tax…your eyes glaze over, you look like a deer caught in the headlights…you hesitate until your brain reboots and reloads all the soundbytes and you repeat what you heard on the TV as if nothing were said, no facts predicted.

    The phrase for this country now:
    I do not want facts nor solutions; I simply want my way.

    I am voting for Palin because she has a record of going against her own party. I figure one more shot for the Republicans is worth trying. Like he said, we sent the Repubs to Washington to change it. Washington changed them instead. I present my own initial vehement resistance to McCain as support for this.

    To the lefties, I have even thought about voting FOR Obama since I think you deserve it. It is ironic that I, an Independent conservative, think that you DESERVE exactly what you WANT. But anybody who listened to his full speech who could not hear what was in the man’s voice are beyond the reach of my reasoning.

  • Helen

    After watching the DNC, I too was “charmed” by Obama. It was an emotional, almost drug-high-like, love-in. Yes, we all need “hope,” but emotional decisions, like Bush used in declaring war in Irag, are very dangerous. On that, let us not forget that Bush had congressional backing in that declaration of war–he didn’t do it all by himself. Unfortunately, the checks and balances that congress provides may have failed that time, but most of the time simply ties the hands of whomever is president. In the aftermath of 9/ll, they were all fooled by the premature and false data about weapons of mass destruction. Perhaps would you have been, too?

    Now, let’s use our brains here and not our emotions. If reform is needed in Washington, who do you really think has any real “hope” of accomplishing it? I’m sorry to disagree with all of the Obama-in-loves out there, but he’s just not (yet) equipped to deal. He will possibly be torn apart by indecision in trying to realize all of his flowery ideals and promises, and will most assuredly be swallowed up and paralyzed by the powers in Washington. By contrast, McCain has ideals, but they are tempered by a healthy dose of realism.

    I’ve never been overly political minded, but have been keeping an eye on McCain for years. Had he won the nomination eight years ago, we’d be in a better place today. But, again, all you emotional people out there went for Little Bush. While I’m at it, how many of you were all happily excited the day he declared war? Think back. I almost got thrown out of a girl scout meeting that evening for being totally against it! Now those same people want it ended NOW instead of finishing what we started. (Actually, we will probably be at war somewhere in the Middle East until the end of days, which is why I was so upset when Bush declared…) Anyway, McCain at least knows what he’s getting into and is the ONLY ONE equipped to deal with the Washington machine. He’s not nearly as pretty and charismatic as Obama, but he’s got the knowledge and guts to do the job!!

    I don’t agree with the entire platform of either party, so I vote for whom I think has the best mind, experience and record. (In the absence of that, I go for the lesser of the evils.) If anyone cares enough to bother researching, McCain has always voted in the Senate based on what he thinks is best for the people living in this country, whether he agrees with the Dems or Reps on a particular issue. He votes his conscience. What more can you ask for?

    If the immature emotional crowd has it’s way and elects Obama, I’ll either move to Canada (as imperfect as it is) or watch things play out here in “amused despair.” Now, if McCain is elected, at least I’ll have some real hope for our country’s future, for the first time in a long time.

    Poodle or pit bull? Your choice.

  • rapidshare

    It’s unfortunate that these people want to disrupt a peaceful assembly and trample on the rights of others, hopefully the police will be able to restore order.

  • Kitty

    I live in Saint Paul and attended the rally and march from the Capitol to the Xcel Energy center this afternnon. It was a very peaceful march from my perspective, the cops and the SWAT teams were actually looking quiet bored. There is a difference between protesting the troops and protesting an unjust war. Support the troops and bring them home safely! Stop fighting an endless war and occupation. Iraq had never attacked us before we attacked them. If you’re not outraged, then you’re not paying attention! Get out, get active. And if you don’t vote in the upcoming election, then you have no right to complain with what the next President does.