RNC Scrambling to Get Back on Track

RNC Scrambling to Get Back on Track


Now that Hurricane Gustav has, thankfully, turned out not to be nearly as devastating as previously feared, the Republican National Convention is scrambling to get back on track. Beginning today, the Republicans will return to the staunch partisanship for which political conventions are known and try to get back on message.

The reorganized convention will include a by-satellite primetime speech by President Bush as well as a previously planned speech by Joe Lieberman and a hastily arranged primetime speech by former Republican Senator Fred Thompson. Rudy Giuliani, who was originally scheduled to give the keynote address tonight, will likely speak Wednesday or Thursday.

Given the complications caused by vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and the unavoidable distraction of Hurricane Gustav, the Republicans are hardly having the kind of convention for which they’d hoped. They need to run a really tight ship the next couple of days to ensure they communicate a direct and coherent message. I, for one, am very interested in hearing what Palin has to say as well as finding out which John McCain shows up: the maverick or the panderer.

These are three very critical days for Republicans. We’ll see if they pull it off.

  • kranky kritter

    Good questions. Time magazine’s recent McCain interview seems to accentuate what what we’ve all been wondering, which is “where’s the guy we used to know?” The one who speaks frankly and openly.

    Now, of course, we know that McCain is trying to avoid a gotcha, and we also know that Time (and the rest of the media) is shopping for it, so McCain’s demeanor is certainly understandable. Nevertheless, he seems to be voluntarily neutering the most appealing aspect of his personality, and replacing it with some grumpy guy who manages to be both circumspect and contentious.

    That’s a problem. My advice to McCain is to can the “constipated” act. Win or lose being yourself.

    Upon my first exposure to Palin footage, I have to say that she comes across as a little bit squeaky, which is going to translate viscerally to many folks as lacking in gravitas. Is that fair? Of course not, but there it is. The saving grace is likely to be that eager Obamites will try to run with that, at which point it WILL come across as unfair and moronic, thereby blunting its force.

  • J. Harden

    What is going to happen is that this will be a contest between: Obama/Palin & McCain/Biden, 2 grown ups and their respective kids.

    The Obamamites, not having the emotive discipline to resist, will overplay their hand, exhaust their wad and come off as ferocious gays fighting over the last Louie Baton bag. The Dems don’t “do” mean very well & it should be left in the hands of people with actual executive experience…Republicans.

    So anyway, advice to Democrats: Sporadic, unconcentrated small-arms fire will not take McCain/Palin down. You’ve got good fodder here, but it needs to be distilled into a larger narrative and then that narrative must be unleashed with a ruthless relentlessness with combined arms. Unfortunately, with the exception of a more-or-less useless assembly of blogs and MSNBC, I’m not sure the Dems have the frontline grit in place.

    Your narrative needs to be simply, like: “Palin is a crazy whore.” That could work. Now don’t actually say “Palin is a crazy whore” — that will back fire. You’ve got to dress her up as a wolf in sheeps clothing. Basically, Sarah Palin seems like an intriguing person, but on the inside…she’s a crazy whore. She’s like Trixie on Deadwood dressed up like a patriot.

    Now, Justin has a great angle on this that the Dems should be careful with: She is not a “serious” pick. It is a good line, but it comes with some danger. 1st, you run the risk of pissing off all women. Any married guy has probably been told by his wife that he doesn’t listen to her or take what she says serious. I would not get too forceful with the “she not a serious pick” meme. She is “serious” by virtue of the fact that she got the pick. What you want to say is that she is a “dangerous” pick. If McCain dies do you really want the phone picked up at 3 am by a crazy whore? I mean what if she’s butt-naked skinning a Caribou in the Lincoln bedroom at the time or midwifing her crazy whore daughter?

    Enough for now, but I’m going to continue to give Democrats advice until they lose this election. You shouldn’t have picked a chic-radical leftist to be your nominee.

  • PulSamsara

    It’s becoming more and more clear that Palin will become a liability.

    Before it’s to late !

  • John

    J. Harden? What kind of gay hating loser are you? First off, it’s Louis Vuitton. And what would a gay man need with a purse? There’s something to comedic pokes, but at least get the grammar correct, or you come off like a red-neck, discrediting your entire comment.

  • Ed

    Dems haven’t said a word since Friday about Palin (chatter on blogs doesn’t count, I mean Obama and his surrogates). Yet without prompting, the right has been forced to trot out one ludicrous talking point after another: Palin has more executive experience, she lives close to Russia, she runs the Alaska national guard, she ran the PTA, etc. because McCain undermined what was for him a legitimate argument about Obama’s experience.

    At the same time, the media has been forced to vet Palin, since McCain obviously didn’t. So for three straight days we have troopergate and Palin’s penchant for firing those not loyal to her, her membership in the Alaska Independence Party, her role in the Ted Stevens PAC, her support of the Bridge to Nowhere and her excessive reliance on earmarks, and her abstinence-only teachings that so successfully produced a 17 year old out of wedlock daughter.

    So while I appreciate all the concern trolling over potential Dem missteps, I think we’ll just sit back and enjoy watching this trainwreck as it unfolds.

  • J. Harden

    John – I appreciate the “Louis Vuitton” correction – that was a serious blunder. I am a bit of a redneck, but I do not hate gays at all. In fact, a good friend of mine is a total right-wing nut job and total queen (he does my wife’s hair). Odd huh?

    My point stands. Take Ed’s comment – a battery of “gotchas” going nowhere. Ed, what does that all mean? You have to put it into a narrative, a comprehensive picture of the person as a whole. You’re litnany doesn’t impress anyone except for the those already committed.

    I think we’ll just sit back and enjoy watching this trainwreck as it unfolds.

    He said while resting his head on the train track.

  • Jeremy from Oregon

    USA!! USA!! USA!! Wow, such an intelligent group of people. Give us a “U.” Gives us an “S.” Give us an, yeah, you guessed it! give us an “A.” What’s that spell? Blind patriot jingoism. Yes please. I want eight more years of war mongering to enrich the Republican party’s elites. Democrats are just as pathetic. They did nothing! They stood by biding their time waiting their turn for power all the while giving up precious civil liberties without so much as a word. Pathetic acquiescent wimps.