Sarah Palin's Complete Vice Presidential Acceptance Speech

Sarah Palin's Complete Vice Presidential Acceptance Speech


Courtesy of MSNBC.

I’ll have more tomorrow, but for now I’ll leave you with this one question: do you think this speech swayed any independent women?


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  • BBQ

    Depends which independent woman you are talking about. Suburban soccer moms that are more pro choice may have liked her talking about family and also sympathize with having a special needs child. But they might know she is too pro life or not have liked the sarcasm of her speech.

    I do think she goes to some of Hillary’s people, the working woman from a mining towns in West Virgina maybe. This woman (and men) have been trending GOP anyways but I do think she could bring some of them in. The still are some conservative and center right Dems left and I think that can be a target for her. Personally I am curious what my die hard FDR grandmother would think of her.

  • Karen

    I believe that her comments about civil service are unfair and I was suprised by her her hurtful comments. The entire audience mocked the idea of giving back to your community.

    I think that she showed that Washington Politics is alive in the Republican party. She did nothing for the party except for attack and hurt the american public. Nothing was accomplished by her speech.

  • berlet98


    She’s a female politician with 5 children, one of whom is a 17 year old girl in her senior year of high school. Her hubby is supportive of her ambitions. She’s in her mid forties and her political duties consume much of her time. She is determined, forceful, and confident. Name that politician! For the correct answer scroll down………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

    The answer: Mrs. Nancy Pelosi, less than affectionately known in some quarters as Bela Pelosi, now Democratic Speaker of the House. She entered Congress when she was 47 when her youngest daughter was 17 in her senior year of high school. That was in 1987 and, just coincidentally, since then her family fortune has grown so impressively that she is now a multi-millionaire.

    Some quiz-takers may have guessed Governor Sarah Palin,…

    (For the rest of this article, please see

  • steeeve

    first… berlet98 i know you dont want to get into a debate about whether republicans or democrats profit more while in the senate.. because the republicans flat out lose that debate..

    second.. i just got got done watching the speech by Sarah Palin and it just confirmed my view that she’s just a prop for McCain’s campaign. She presented herself well and if you couldnt speak english you would think she was a good speaker. by which i mean she spoke very clearly and passionately but the speech sucked.. it had no substance.

    she said the same things ive been hearing from their campaign for the past 6 months, she spent half the speech attacking obama and the other half talking about her “character”. she never said what she and McCain are capable of doing if elected. it was just the same old republican BS “im a good christian and the other guy is a heathen.. BE AFRAID!”

    And what i thought was ironic was.. after everyone said it was so wrong to bring her 17 year old pregnant daughter into this as an example of her being a bad parent.. she brought her 2 military sons into the arguement to say shes a good parent.. I agreed that it was wrong to put her daughter in the spotlight as a political tool, but she cant have it both ways… if she gets to talk about her military sons we get to talk aout her pregnant daughter especially when shes such a right wing nutcase on the topic of sex-ed.

    i think the only intelligent speech of the night was made by Huckabee, as much as i disagree with his views he can make an intelligent arguement without simply trying to bash the other guy.

    Romney and Giuliani made me want to throw up.. the thing that pisses me off more than anything though is the fact that ignorant people will actually listen to, and believe the crap that comes out of their mouths.

  • Dollface

    The speech seemed repetitive to me: the same McCain POW garbage, the same (painful) introduction to her fabulous husband and gaggle of children, the mention of the Bridge to Nowhere, blah blah blah.

    I was waiting for something innovative and/or interesting (I mean, she has an entire troop of speechwriters…) but there was nothing of the sort.

    I agree that her delivery was good…in that she spoke slowly and clearly. There were no chills going down my spine listening to her, however. (Obama did that to me in his speech at the DNC, with his eloquence and his powerful delivery).

    Overall I don’t think she sways women voters (or many others).

  • roschelle

    A mediocre speech at best..but presented very well. Even so I still don’t know who Sarah Palin is!

  • gerryf

    It was a very average speech laced with the usual Republican stuff. Under normal circumstances, this would have been just fine for a VP speech at a GOP convention. It certainly didn’t anger her constituency but I would argue the words I am seeing like “energize” are incorrect. Everyone in the audience clapped like crazy on cue, but it was not spontaneous and it was not prolonged. There were plenty of the time during the speech where it was conspicuously quiet.

    Again, that does not make it a bad speech.

    The problem here is this was not normal circumstances.

    Rightly or wrongly, Palin has been in the spotlight in a negative way. We’ve gone over that enough and need not rehash it.

    The non-politcs watchers who are just beginning to pay attention and curious about the election two months from now tuned in to see this woman and while she didn’t need a homerun, she needed at least a ground rule double instead of a single dropping into shallow right.

    I don’t think this was it.

    Again, she didn’t loose anyone with this speech, other than the particularly jaded political watcher, but she didn’t gain anyone with that speech, either.

    She could still gain or lose people in the future, but this was a great opportunity that was missed.


    On an interesting side note–the GOP did not follow standard operating procedure by choosing to NOT nominate Palin before her speech (therefore it was not an acceptance speech like Joe Biden’s).

    The cynic in me says that this was so that if she failed, McCain could pick someone else.

    I don’t think she failed, but I don’t know if it was enough, either. Much will depend on the pulse during the day.

  • L

    I was pretty turned off by the fact that most of her time spent going after Obama was not substantive but sarcastic. It doesn’t seem like that would be very effective, she was giving a speech to a political convention not hosting the Daily Show. Although I do think she delivered a good, on point speech otherwise.

  • mw

    “…do you think this speech swayed any independent women?”

    Depending on what you mean by “independent women.” If you mean partisan Democrats? I’d say no meaningful impact. If you mean “working moms” – oh yeah. Big time.

    But the question itself misses the mark. It betrays a pre-conceived notion that her only purpose on the ticket is a “cynical” attempt to siphon Clinton voters, which was a favorite Dem canard over the last couple of days. Completely wrong.

    Chris Matthews got it right. Huffington Post:

    Chris Matthews noted that Palin and Hillary Clinton “have nothing in common” and that her being chosen has “nothing to do with Hillary Clinton. ” Instead, Matthews said, “She is a torpedo aimed directly at the ship of Barack and Michelle Obama.” “This is a cultural alternative to Obama. A very direct cultural shot,” he added.

    The traditional role of the VP in a presidential campaign is to support the top of your ticket, take shots at the top of the other ticket. She was very very effective at both in this speech. That’s her job.

    The most inane reaction was Rachel Maddow’s “oh it was inappropriately mocking and sarcastic…” comment, which I note has been repeated by Dems in comments and posts across the intertubes this morning. It comes off as kind of whiny, and strikes me as the kind of thing to say when – you’ve really got nothing else to say. Gimme a break.

  • Shazaka

    Just what exactly is “garbage” about McCain’s service record? Calling his record “garbage” shows exactly what libdems think of the worth of the military and the men and women in the armed forces. Sarah hit it right on the head; the only one of the men running that has ever really fought for his country in a way that really matters is McCain. Have Obama and Biden been tortured? No. Did they turn down an early release so they could be used as propaganda tools? No. What executive experience does Obama have? None. He’s never even run a company, much less a city or a state, a state that shares a border with Russia and has an armed air wing of National Guard to deploy.

  • Bt

    Palin did a good job delivering a canned attack speech. Although she blatently lied about her involvement in the so called bridge to nowhere while extolling her involvement in building the natural gas pipeline which is a project that has not even started. She is right, she is a pitbull with lipstick, nothing more.

  • billy

    i was really turned off by this speech. it seemed like boilerplate stuff written for her by karl rove. i really didnt like the rude condescending, snide vibe she gave off.

    my wife who is non political watched this for 5 minutes and commented “she is a real bitch”. She definitely lost my wife’s vote. and she is a “working woman” in a swing state.

  • jonnie

    Lets not forget that the mccain camp is learning more about Palin right along with us the public. Not much was know about Palin before now and that includes what the mccain camp knew of her. we still dont know much about her. So what does that mean? well, what they did know is that 1. palin is a woman 2. shes young and 3. she shares strong conservative values. So then you must ask why based on those three obvious points would she be picked as mccains running mate? The answer is obvious. Its mccains feeble attempt to sway the female vote of those who were dissapointed by hillarys lose. also to take away from Obamas historical achievement as the first black presidential nominee by creating their own less appreciated yet still historical political move. And to have mccains age issue better balanced out. mccains approach through out this entire campaign has been very immature. to watch guilliani and palin speak with such sarcasim is proof of the immature nature of the mccain camp. I believe that alot of this is due to mccains age. mccain is too old!