Palin's Base? Men.

Palin's Base? Men.


A CNN/Opinion Research Survey has found that men have a more positive view of Sarah Palin that do women. They also tend to think she’s more qualified.

Maybe this has something to do with what a female friend of mine said about the Palin selection: she was insulted that the Republicans would believe she’d vote for John McCain just because he selected a woman.

Or maybe there’s something else driving these numbers. It’s an interesting phenomenon.

  • Redphilly

    I don’t know why. Like they are ever going to get a chance to sleep with her. Have you ever seen the documentary where the turkeys are being force fed to make them fat for Thanksgiving? This is how I feel about the media and the Republicans trying to make us accept Sarah Palin in spite of her enormous controversies. I don’t trust the woman. A pretty face is not going to keep us out of wars. In fact, she seems to like them, much like McCain. A pretty face is not going to make our economy better when she thinks Bush is right. It is a really ugly situation.

  • Sophie

    Of course men support her! She is a former beauty queen and self-proclaimed hockey mom. She is the prettiest thing on the campaign trail in ages, but I still consider her more of a threat to women’s rights that any man could be. Now they can saw, why have birth control or choices for women if Palin can have 5 kids and still be VP? She can have a down syndrome baby and still juggle the pregnant daughter. She is super mom so now all women have to be expected to do everything as usual. Maybe Miss Palin has an army of helpers to take care of their kids and a husband she can count on, but most of us are not that lucky. If men where the ones having babies the right to choose would not be an issue in this or any other election. Women, don’t think that because Sara Palin is a woman she will help women. She is out for her own agenda.

  • Zaphod

    my husband a republican who is voting for Obama thought palin is sort of attractive until he looked at her ankles. that turned him complately off. seriously, she is okay looking but can she be VP. all these men being led by the brain below the belt will come around before November 4.

  • EvilPoet

    “She is enormously popular; in every way she’s like the most popular girl in middle school. Even men who think she is a poor choice and won’t vote for her can’t quit smiling when talking about her because she is a “babe”.” -Anne Kilkenny, A Letter About Sarah Palin

  • NVMojo

    She’s got those wide child-bearing hips! That’ll do it every time! The hell with the fact that she doesn’t understand that Bush just fecked over Americans with his communist bail out of Freddie/Fannie.

    Wonder what the real age spread is on this survey.

  • Rich Horton

    “Maybe this has something to do with what a female friend of mine said about the Palin selection: she was insulted that the Republicans would believe she’d vote for John McCain just because he selected a woman.”

    Or maybe the Palin pick is doing exactly what it was intended to do, i.e. shore up the Republican base. Last time I checked the base was more male than female.

  • Jane

    The fact remains that this election is b/w Obama and McCain, not Obama and Palin, and not a popularity contest. Don’t get fooled into the hype… Obama and McCain’s stances on the issues at hand are what matters and how the educated and informed voters will decide this election.

    So, if you want to elect your leader on how they view the *issues*, this website is a good start:

  • Stuperb

    I agree with Rich, and I have to say I’m a little startled by the rest of the comments in this thread.

  • Tully

    Yet when you examine the internals of current polling and compare it to pre-pick polling, it’s women who are driving up the GOP ticket numbers.

    Tricky stuff, cherry-picking polls.

  • kranky kritter

    I’ve heard Palin described as a VPILF, so there’s surely something to this.

    And I know more than one woman who has had the same reaction that you describe. But that’s an immediate and kneejerk reaction, and we don”t know the extent to which this resentful reaction will endure. The numbers already show movement.

    Fact is, as Tully points out, Palin is getting substantial female support anyway you slice it. So GOP motives aside, many women ARE in fact attracted to Palin, quite likely AT LEAST IN PART because she’s a woman.

    That’s the way it is. We can decry identity politics all we want when talking about the ideal shoulddas, but the fact is that most all folks practice them in their choices, whether it’s conscious or subconscious. Obama has been getting almost 9 of 10 black votes, for example.

  • KaywayMI

    Many will vote for Palin BECAUSE she is woman and will refuse to vote for a Obama because he black (wrong, bi-racial)(though they will never admit their true racist nature these days) It so sad to see that we have come so far in this country only to have those Right-wing conservatives wanting to push us back a few decades. It’s normal to be affraid of something we don’t know, but Sarah Palin’s kind we already know, took only 2 weeks in the limelight, and she’s is read like a book, a very short book.
    Even Palins own state does not trust her. Yeah, she might be better than the last guy, which probably isn’t saying much, but I doubt takes much of an education or experience to be Gov of a state that has more wildlife than people. She is far too much like our Gov Granholm, who may be a Democrat and that doesn’t matter, but I think everyone here in Michgain just jumped the gun because she was woman and thought she was “refreshing”, and she has destroyed Michigan! Parts of Detroit are like a ghost town, It’s like a natural disaster hit there and no one ever came back. Palin is a natural disaster waiting to happen! God help us all if she and McCain are elected, and God help McCain if Palin thinks it’s Gods will for HER be our leader. Then she can have that crown she has always wanted. The Brits are already comparing her to Margaret Thatcher.

  • KaywayMI

    And finally, men support her because all they see is lipstick, and women see a pitbull!

  • Stieve

    I am amazed that so many people think Palin is ready to be vice president let alone president.When she was introduced at the republican convention she did an okay job of reading a prepared speech off a a telepromter in front of a friendly crowd.Since then she has been kept in a protective bubble and glued to McCain saying the same old tired lines everywhere she goes.Before the republican convention if I would have referred to Sarah as the lipstick wearin hockey mom,the hot chick from the coolest state,I think a lot of women would have been a little pissed off to say the least. I do think she is kinda cute in a teacher kind of way though.As far as her record,she left a small town in about 10 million in debt when she moved on to governor.She asked for almost 200 million in earmarks for Alaska this year. She is being investigated for abuse of power. She was for then against the bridge to nowhere.When she was for it,I hear she recieved the funds and then changed her mind,but kept the money. She is pretty as buttonthough. Her daughter is 17 and pregnant..oops I’m sorry that’s none of my business.I read she had relations with her husbands…oh never mind,none of my business.She has zero foreign policy experience,might come in handy as president…oh that’s right she is only running for vice president,she doesn’t have to worry about that.Thank God for map quest she can use it to find Washington D.C. All that executive experience is really impressive…You go girl,you lipstick wearin bulldog you. John,you said you would pick someone who is ready to step in as president,I think she has more executive experience than you,doesn’t she? I’m not sure but I am so excited about Sarah,Sarah.Sarah.I feel like I really know her,It feels so good to be on a first name basis with her.I hope when she becomes president, I mean vice president that she doesn’t have to deal with all of those mean people from other countries that don’t like us.She shouldn’t have to talk them about foreign policy,especially if John is not with her. I wish she was running for president, I guess I’m asking for to much,She would be the best president ever…Sarah,Sarah,Sarah..I can’t contain myself I’m sorry.I wish the press would leave poor Sarah alone she does not deserve all this vicious gossip about her,these people should be thrown in jail.I have so many magazines with her picture on it .I bought extras to give out to some of her other fans.My small contribution to the campaign.Well,I’m sorry for going on like this but she has brought renewed life back into this party and I can’t stop crying I’m so overjoyed by this pick. There is one last thing I’m thinking about,but I’m afraid I would have a nervous breakdown if this happened..oh goes..If I can get her ah get her autograph,yes I said it,her autograph I would die and go to heaven.Do dreams come true,I can only hope…Sarah,Sarah,Sarah..go girl..The Next president of the United States!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Melvin J

    I can’t answer cateforically for other men, but there are some of us who, despite the accusations of chauvanism, like strong women. Kirkpatrck, Lady Thatcher, and a couple of others come readily to mind. Does Palin have the exprience of Kirkpatrick? Certainly not. But neither do Obama or Biden. Has she successfully executed a war five thousand miles away like Lady Thatcher? No. But neither has either Obama or Biden.

    We don’t like Sen Clinto. As one broadcaster said, her grating voice reminds us of our ex-wives. Hilary comes across as a weasel; Palin a wolverine. Hilary seems like one who lives by the credo “The end justifies the means.” Palin doesn’t.

    I suspect most men who like Palin see her as being more of a woman than Sen Clinton or any of the NOW/NARAL/You Name It women. It’s not strong women we object to. It’s irritating, screeching women we object to.

    Do I believe she is a pure as the wind-driven snow? No. But at this point, I trust her a whole lot more than I do Sen. Clinton, Sen. Obama or Sen. Biden. Add to that the fact that the top of the ticket is McCain (I don’t like some of the stuff he promotes, but I trust him more than I do C,O and B), and I would have a hard time throwing my lot in with Obama.

  • Rich

    Although it’s hard to determine the gender of the posters in many cases, I can’t help but wonder if the border-line hateful comments are from women.

    Here is how I see it…bear with me…

    I used to watch, on occassion, the MTV show that puts a male group against a female group of their former “reality show” stars.

    The male group always keeps their strongest players and weeds out the players that don’t perform. Their team stays unified, there is no back-stabbing, and the one that is removed from the team knows it’s coming because of the agreed-upon criteria. They keep their eye on the goal of the whole show – winning a big prize, and they usually win it easily.

    The female team has all of the drama, who dissed who, and there is always animosity in the group, fights, arguments, etc. Many times they say something to the effect that the one they removed from the team is the stronger player, but the one that was chosen to stay got along better with the group. Because of jealousy, they cut off their team’s nose in spite of their face. They never with the game.

    Maybe women, in general, are so jealous and lack so much self esteem that, whenever they see someone who is likely to succeed, they are instantly threatened by that woman that they have to attack her?? Men see her as a strong candidate with views they agree with, women see some hussy that wants to steal their men?

    Redphilly, Sophie, Zaphod and Kayway all make sexist remarks and put her down solely because of her looks. Red…really, I seriously doubt that the men who are inclined to vote for her are doing so because they actually believe they will get a BJ out of it. I’d ask what your problem is, but I already know.

    Most of the “VPILF” comments are made by liberals who are spouting sexism in an attempt do discredit her and spread rumors. And the liberals are the ones that are supposed to be tolerant and supportive of minorities, women, etc. When will Americans wake up and smell the BS that the left is throwing at them??

    Lastly, Kayway, Michigan’s problems have less to do with Gov Granholm being a woman and more to do with her being a Democrat. She raised taxes, thus raising the cost of doing business in Michigan, which drives businesses (and jobs) out of the state. That leaves jobless workers that must either leave the state to find a job, or leaves the people in an increasingly welfare state.

  • Melvin J

    And I’m Black by the way.

  • mflo

    It probably has something to do with the fact that men are not having their individual rights as citizens and sovereign individuals directly threatened by Palin’s policies like women are. Palin is anti-sex education, anti-contraception, and anti-choice. She has publicly advocated forcing women to carry fetuses to term even when raped, and even when raped by their fathers, for example. Worse still, under her leadership, her ‘city’ charged women the cost of their own rape kits. Imagine if men had to pay for police investigations associated with their being violently assaulted? Imagine if men were being told viagara would be made illegal? Women’s bodies have only recently become the legal property of women themselves in Western countries, and in a myriad of countries, women are still nothing but bodies over which they have no legal sovereignty. Sure, she may come across as strong, but a strong woman who is pleased as punch to ensure that other women remain social property deserve to be greeted with reprehension not support.

  • dj

    mflo has it right, IMHO, and I’m a white woman within a year of Palin’s age.

    She does not fool me at all. Her “strength” is her ability to manipulate people, and yes, use her looks to her advantage. Some may call this “feminism” but I don’t. I know very few women my age and younger who are impressed with her. For that matter, most men I know in that age range are similarly unimpressed. But some of the older men I talk with sound like schoolboys with crushes.

    If she were a Democrat, the O’Reillys, Hannitys, et al of the media would be ripping her up one side and down the other for lack of experience, her refusal to face the media, etc.

  • Rich

    Sorry, mflo, I think you are entirely wrong.

    Please post links to back up you assertions. Real links, not links to hack sites like moveon or kos.

    I want to see proof where she has attempted to outlaw contraception – be it condoms, pills, diaphragms, etc.

    I want to see proof where she has opposed sex education and the rationale for her position.

    I want to see proof where she has said or written that she is against abortion in the case of rape or incest. Besides, these instances are a very small minority of number of abortions annually.

    I want to see proof where Wasilla charged women for the rape kits. I’m sure that will be easy to do. I’d bet that Wasilla is a “hotspot” for rapists…there must me many victims that you can get testimony from. When you find one, I want to know when it happened – before or after Palin was mayor.

    You may like to use the term “anti-choice”, but I believe the choice should be a responsible one – use contraception or not. You say “anti-choice”, I say “anti-infanticide”.

    That said, mflo and dj, I applaude you for your statements. At least you’re not attacking her solely based on her appearance or appeal. You are taking issue with issues. Bravo. Perhaps we’re raising the bar on the level of discussion here.

  • dj

    Rich, I refuse to attack her appearance or family issues because quite simply, they’re irrelevant. No one makes a point of these matters when it’s a male politician being considered, and everyone on the right, left, and center needs to just DROP IT when it comes to personal or aesthetic matters.

    For me and many others, her politics and positions are quite enough to argue with. And besides, has everyone forgotten that McCain is the presidential nominee, not Palin? Her novelty is a brilliant decoy away from the actual presidential candidate and the real issues that most Americans care about.

    And, just and aside… If I never ever hear a reference to any kind of -ILF again it will be too soon!