It’s pretty widely known that McCain is nearly computer illiterate, and that’s a troubling notion in and of itself. And with the technological challenges we’re currently facing and will be in the next 4 years, one would think that having a good grasp of receiving and sending email would be a prerequisite for being President.

However, when Obama essentially borrows the snide tone of McCain’s recent attacks, he does himself no favors with independents and fence sitting Democrats.

Here, check it out…

Or hell, maybe he does do himself favors. After all, nothing in the ad is false and McCain has apparently scored numerous points with independent voters and fence sitting Democrats by going negative.

Yes folks, maybe I don’t have my finger on the pulse anymore (or did I ever?) and this nonsense works like a charm to swing the swing voters. Maybe they’re that gullible.

If so, how unbelievably sad that would be.

Moving on…

  • I think this ad is well within the lines of good taste. Pointing out that the potential leader of our country doesn’t know how to use a computer is not the same as saying your opponent wants to teach kindergartners about sex. Not even close.

  • Kelly Smith

    The point of the ad isn’t the lack of technical skills. Its that McCain is OLD and more of the SAME. This is a change election. And McCain/Palin has been trying to steal a little Change Thunder.

    It may be hacky, but it does drive home the point.

  • gerryf

    Hacky. Yes. Truthful, though. Maybe the real mistake is he should have lied about McCain. It worked for Bush and is working for McCain.

  • L

    JG, maybe it is just because I read a politico column about advice Clinton gave Obama (or maybe speculative advice, it didn’t make it clear), but this doesn’t seem like an ad we are meant to take completely seriously. The piece of advice was, lighten up a little bit, and to me it is refreshing that the Obama campaign has come out with a less fatalistic and more relaxed ad. I think there is meant to be an element of humor here (with a real message at the end of course). Granted I am not an independent by any means, but that is what I took from the ad.

  • Ed

    I would think that an ad like this is targeted to the younger generation. It shows how old McCain is. I’m sure the chattering class will consider it tame and hokey, but it’s probably part of a larger campaign to paint McCain as out of touch.

  • Pdx632

    Why is it that Democratic candidate must play by some “higher” set of rules that the GOP every year. Didn’t we all see what happened last time. The voting public obviously responds to these low brow attack ads, so if you want a D in office, I suggest you start playing the same game your opponents are.

    BTW, did anyone see McCain on The View today? At least Barbara Walters remember what journalism is.

  • Justin,

    What he needs to do is get the attention off of Palin and that’s just what he’s trying to do with this add. You’re not goin to run headwind into all that irrational exuberance and hope to get anywhere. But the issues he needs to talk about need to have more importance to the public then his opponents computer illiteracy and i’m sure he’ll get there. There’s a lot to point out about the differences between the Repubs and the Dems policies. I only wish they’d get there before I and so many others lose interest, and that’s due to the frustration you eluded to. I hope the debates will flush out the important issues for all to see who’s the most competent . Until then, I’m tuning out – except for donklephant 🙂

  • Jonah Godberg does a little digging and points out why John McCain doesn’t use a computer. From the Boston Globe 2000:

    McCain gets emotional at the mention of military families needing food stamps or veterans lacking health care. The outrage comes from inside: McCain’s severe war injuries prevent him from combing his hair, typing on a keyboard, or tying his shoes. Friends marvel at McCain’s encyclopedic knowledge of sports. He’s an avid fan – Ted Williams is his hero – but he can’t raise his arm above his shoulder to throw a baseball.

    Barack Obama comes off looking rather douchebaggish with this line of attack, don’t you think? I hope McCain comes out with another ad and calls him on it. Good excuse to bring up his POW experience again. Click on the link and read Jonah’s next line after this quote. Heh.

  • Reba

    @Jimmy the Dhimmi: Quite frankly, I think McCain’s POW experience-especially the toll it took on his health and body-is more of a detriment to him now that Palin is on the ticket. Bringing up any sort of health problems that would plague more than the common 72 year-old man, invites me to take a longer, harder look at Palin. After her interview yesterday, I can’t imagine how any good could come of that.

  • Edward

    So, B. Hussein (D-Hamas) is mocking John McCain for his inability to use a keyboard due to his Hanoi Hilton injuries. Real classy there Hussein. I’m sure disabled vets appreciate it, as does your buddy Bill Ayers.

  • I just love people when “they do IT to themselves.”

    This from the HOODlum, for President?

    Days after the war, our culture, values, and enabling our children,  accountabilty or the lack there of- is why the written word will no longer be relevant to the disciplines of print, of ink, of substance..yes…
    it’s to much work to write, thus too much work to read……err something that catches, err tantalizes and gratifies…..It’s been a long, downhill slide, however the slope to which Obama lays his skies does have a bottom. The Winter Soltace of Nature’s Law.

    The MediaOcracy having lost by 20%+.  Obama will NEVER be in national politics again.  That simple.

    It’s the culture stupid!. Thank you!
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