And now for something fun and potentially rewarding…

Baskin-Robbins just launched two new presidential flavors for the fall, Straight Talk Crunch and Whirl Of Change. I’m sure you know which flavor represents which candidate, and you can vote for your favorite over at the company’s “National Flavor Election” site.

But here’s the really fun part…

Basically, we’re looking for Donklephant readers to create an ice cream flavor name for any President in history, describe what you think would be in it and post it in the comments section below.

For instance, John McCain’s flavor is Straight Talk Crunch and it has a “caramel ribbon, chocolate pieces, candy red states and crunchy mixed nuts swirled into white chocolate ice cream.”

We will be selecting three winners and prizes work out like this…

  • 1st Place: $50 in gift certificates to Baskin-Robbins
  • 2nd Place: $30 in gift certificates to Baskin-Robbins
  • 3rd Place: $20 in gift certificates to Baskin-Robbins

Feel free to create as many flavors as you want, but obviously keep it clean and try to use ingredients that would actually be in ice cream. Who knows, one of these flavors could actually be added to their library one day. Also, be sure to include an email so we can contact you if you win.

The contest will be going on through Friday, and I’ll post a daily reminder to create flavors with a pointer to the original post. We’ll select winners over the weekend and announce 1st, 2nd and 3rd early next week.

Good luck!

  • While I imagine my contributor status bars me from competing, I thought I’d offer up this:

    When you bite into Swirl of Change, it turns out just to be plain-old vanilla.

    When you bite into Straight Talk Crunch, it turns out to be full of nuts.

    Thank you, I’ll be here all week.

  • How about Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Rider Ripple?
    It’s organic vanilla ice cream made from local dairy farms (in a nod to the nation’s first environmentalist President) swirled with trust-busting fudge and, of course, plenty of nuts.

  • My entrants:

    Bill Clinton’s Bubba Gum
    – What’s in it depends on what the definition of “bubble gum” is.

    George Washington’s “I Cannot Tell a Lie” Cherry (Obvious.)
    – Vanilla ice cream with cherries and little chocolate hatchets.

  • Since I’m probably disqualified since I infrequently post here there goes my idea for Teddy Roosevelt’s Bull Moose Blast: vanilla ice cream with a caramel ripple and plenty of peanut butter filled chocolate moose.

  • Susan

    Hmm. (I busted a gut reading the other posts. Very funny stuff, guys)

    How about Honest Abe’s Emancipation Pro-caramel-ation!

    Vanilla icecream: dark chocolate chips: a generous caramel swirl.

    Yum! Tastes like freedom.

  • Avinash_Tyagi

    Taft’s scale breaker ice cream, in honor of our fattest president:

    Butter Pecan Ice cream, with a massive Caramel swirl, large peanut butter cup pieces, chocolate chips and cookie pieces

  • Tim in Wisconsin

    To give a little love to Andrew Johnson: Im-Peach-Mint. Peach ice cream with just a hint of mint to give it a crisp, refreshing taste.

    I couldn’t help but notice that both the McCain and Obama flavors are served in waffle cones.

  • mike mcEachran

    Lincoln / Obama Destiny Swirl

    A collision of Lincoln Emancipation Ripple (pure vanilla ice cream and chocolate pieces integrated with rocky ripples of white chocolate restoration crunch) and Obama Is Smooth as Hope (a blend of dark chocolate and white chocolate ice cream laced with sweet silky mocha “oratory” ribbons).

  • These are fantastic! Keep it up!

  • Henry Taft’s BeltBuster Ice Cream:
    Rich Chocolate ice cream with fudge ripple and bathtub shaped candy pieces

  • mike mcEachran

    Just for fun:

    McCain’s Old Fashioned Flubber

    Soft plain frozen yogurt, covered in raisin bran, and recycled bits of left over candy (depends on the day).

    Obama’s Lofty Ice Cream Fluff

    A “light as feather” mocha foam ice cream, topped with marshmallow fluff, and a sophisticated red wine cotton candy.

    Sorry…couldn’t help myself…

  • Grover Clevelands’ Bourbon Swirl
    – Vanilla ice cream blended with bourbon and those little silver cake decorations. Each pint comes in two separate containers.

  • khaki

    William Henry Harrison’s “Short Shelf Life” Ice Cream
    Un-pasteurized Indiana creamed corn “Tippecanoe” hard ice cream flash-frozen and served ice cold. Goes bad in about a month.

  • James Buchanan’s Rainbow Sorbet!

    Covered completely in chocolate syrup so you can’t see the colors.

  • Make that, “Fruity Rainbow Sorbet!”

  • rob

    Ronald Reagan’s “Honey I forgot to duck”

    Creamy vanilla ice cream flavored with honey and almonds.

  • George H. W. Bush’s Thousand Points of Light Frozen Yogurt
    – Various flavors. Tastes okay, but leaves a weird quail-like aftertaste.

    Ronald Reagan’s Iran-Contra Crunch
    – Tastes awful.

  • Obamarama. (or Obama ‘Rama)

    Dark chocolate bits in an Orange Creamsicle ice cream flavor. Simple, not what you’d expect, but a winning combination.

  • mw

    As a contributor I am disqualified, but I do have the winning flavor.

    Divided Government Swirl:

    Fill the cone with half Strawberry Red and half Blueberry Blue ice cream swirled together to produce a yin-yang effect at the top of the cone. Top with a elephant shape and donkey shape candy confection.

    Two strong American flavors that are even better together.

  • bubbles

    James K. Polk’s Mintyfest Destiny – green mint ice cream (representing the newly opened land out west to which settlers were encouraged to make their “manifest destiny”), with swirls of fudge (representing the dark adventurous, unknown aspect of westward expansion), and bits of toffee scattered throughout (for the prospect of gold or other rich surprises out west).

    At first I was thinking “Lyndon Johnson’s Spicy Horseradish Cream” would be worth a try, but I feel that Polk’s Mintyfest Destiny is slightly more appealing.

  • Ronald Reagan’s Morning in America Mix
    – Bacon and eggs-flavored ice cream with a rich topping poured on the very top that slowly trickles down to the bottom of the cone. (In reality, the topping just slides off the cone entirely and splats on the floor for some Democrat to come clean up.)

  • Nixon’s “I’m Not A Crook” IceCream:
    white chocolate ice cream with oreo pieces and a thick fudge ribbon.

    Jefferson’s “Tastes Like Independence” IceCream:
    caramel ice cream with pecans and a caramel ribbon.

  • Curtis

    Ronald Reagan – “Alzheimer Zinger”
    Vanilla with Jelly Beans in a sugar cone

    John F. Kennedy – “Grassy Noll Crunch”
    Pistachio ice cream with Pistachio pieces, served in the end of a gun barrel.

    Harry Truman – “Nagasaki Nougat”
    Chocolate and caramel swirl in a sugar cone, placed on a map of Japan.

    Dan Quayle – “Potatoe Bland”
    Vanilla soft serve in a warm dish. (most soft serve ice creams are made from potatoes.) I know. Vice presidents don’t count.

    Ulysses S Grant – “Secession Blend”
    A scoop of chocolate next to a Scoop of Vanilla in fancy china, covered in bourbon syrup, sprinkled with peanuts, served with a shot of bourbon.

    John Adams – “Bitter ’till the end”
    Neapolitan ice cream with sour gummy bears mixed in.

    John Quincy Adams – “Coattail Delight”
    Same as above only with regular gummy bears mixed in.

    Thomas Jefferson – “Illegitimacone”
    Chocolate and Vanilla ice cream blended thoroughly until a light brown color. Serve in a waffle cone and don’t tell anybody if you don’t have to.

  • Curtis

    One more…

    George W. Bush – “ICMD (Ice Cream of Mass Destruction)”
    Tell a friend you made them an ice cream cone, and you know it’s there somewhere. Pretend to look all over for it until their entire home is destroyed, then hire a friend to rebuildl at an inflated price. When that’s done, sit down in secret and eat the cone you said you made for them.

  • Herbert Hoover’s “A Triple Scoop in Every Cone.”
    The label describes it as rich chocolate ice cream filled with marshmallows, walnuts, chocolate chips, cherries, cookie pieces, and swirled with golden caramel. But when you open the carton, it’s empty.

  • gerryf

    Rocky Ronald Reagan Road

    A reminder of the path he set this country on almost 30 years ago commemorated by a bowl of a delightful blend of two unbalanced scoops of low-fat red white and blue diet ice cream representing the unbalanced budget he left behind in addition to the patriotism he espoused as well as the diet he pretended to put the federal government on. Emdedded in the ice cream are bitter coffee jelly beans for the aftertaste he still leaves in the mouth of liberals and those who resented his policies. Add a dollup of whipped cream with little candy stars for the fantasy of his conservative legacy, which is mostly air when held up against the truth of history, and as a reminder of his penchant for consulting astrologers. And finally, it’s served with a spork so the user can rationalize it is really a sppon, just like Reagan’s rationalizations that he never traded arms for hostages.

  • N Y

    Ronald Reagan’s Vanilla Bean Jelly Cream
    – Jelly Belly Jellybeans
    – Vanilla Ice Cream
    – Black Cherry

    Carter’s World Peace-cicle
    – Orange Sherbert
    – Vanilla swirl
    – Oatmeal (try it, its pretty good)
    – Malt

    FDR’s New Deal
    – Vanilla Ice cream
    – Chocolate chips
    – bread (ever try french fries and ice cream?)

    Nixon’s Bridge to China
    – Bits of Lychee
    – Vanilla Ice cream
    – Chocolate syrup

    JFK’s Inspirational German Jellydonut
    – Vanilla
    – Grape Jelly
    – bread
    – Sprinkling of German Chocolate

  • Matt

    Slick Willy Vanilly:
    White chocolate ice cream with

    – a ribbon of vanilla

    – a ribbon of caramel

    – chunks of cookie dough

    Ronald Raisin:
    Rum Raisin ice cream with

    – chunks of Chunky candy bars

    – a ribbon of vanilla

    – blue M&M’s (he only missed Minnesota)

    Peanut Butter Ice Cream with

    – Vanilla/Chocolate holding hands

    – a swirl of Butter Pecan Ice Cream

    – LBJ sprinkles

    Dark Chocolate Mousse Ice Cream with

    – A swirl of green (mint chocolate chip)

    – A latin twist (churro pieces)

    – A salty ocean voyage (chocolate pretzel chunks)