Biden Gaffes Again, This Time On Clean Coal

Biden Gaffes Again, This Time On Clean Coal


Obama has officially endorsed clean coal technology, but Biden seems to contradict that in the following video…

The Obama campaign later tried to clarify Biden’s statement by saying he was talking about the need for the US to lead on clean coal technology and set an example for China, but that’s clearly not what Biden said. So either he simply used the wrong terminology or he didn’t know his running mate’s stance. Either way, it looks bad…again.

Between this and the AIG story, maybe there’s something to that strategy of keeping the Veep candidates away from the media…

  • pxfragonard

    Not such a gross slip-up as it seems. He said there should be no coal plants, not that there are no coal plants in America. The broader context is China’s dirty coal and his green message. His real mistake was not listening hard enough to what the questioner wanted to know, which was, I think, his position on clean coal plants in Ohio, obviously a source of jobs and delegates to the electoral college.

  • gljunket

    So what’s the scuttlebutt on Biden withdrawing from The Ticket after the VP debate, and being replaced by Hillary?