Campbell Brown Calls Palin's Treatment By McCain Sexist?

Campbell Brown Calls Palin's Treatment By McCain Sexist?



This “sexist” term is being thrown around a lot these days, isn’t it? But is it accurate?

Well, I guess that depends on how Palin feels about it.

First, here’s Campbell Brown’s rant on Palin’s press shyness…

Hey, who knows…maybe Palin doesn’t want to talk to the press, right? Maybe she wants to be cloistered in her own special little political cocoon, only to emerge for the occasional one-on-one interview, some rallies, the Veep debate and the inauguration. Because if that’s the case, then McCain’s not being sexist, he’s just doing what she’s asking.

If, on the other hand, Palin is saying “Hey, I want to get out there and talk to the press,” and McCain’s handlers aren’t letting here…well, Brown may have a point. And if that’s not sexist, it’s at least extremely strange. After all Geraldine Ferraro gave a press conference less than 24 hours after she was announced as the Veep pick. So why not Palin?

Moving on…

  • DougL

    I call BS. Sure, Palin could certainly prefer to stay out of the public eye. She’s entirely entitled to that as a private citizen. It isn’t *just* about what Palin wants. It ceases being so when she decides to run for public office.

    If you don’t want to be subjected to public scrutiny, don’t run for public office. That goes for Palin as well as anyone else running for public office. It’s not a difficult concept.

  • kranky kritter

    Doug, surely you’re not suggesting that Palin has not been subjected to public scrutiny?

  • flingcom

    looks like Palin just was to stay away from the media …She’s doing it well though which I think is the best way to avoid controversies …