McCain's "Fundamental" Problems Continue

McCain's "Fundamental" Problems Continue


Well, looks McCain’s line about the fundamentals of the economy is really hurting him. Otherwise he never would have released this whopper.

CNN reports that the claims of the ad are absolutely false…

The Facts: The clip from Obama comes from a speech he gave in Colorado on Monday, September 29. The full speech as released by the Obama campaign includes continued criticism of McCain’s economic policies. That criticism includes Obama repeating his earlier charge that McCain “just doesn’t get it — he doesn’t get that this crisis on Wall Street hit Main Street a long time ago. That’s why his first response to the greatest fiscal meltdown in generations was to say that the ‘fundamentals of the economy are strong.'”

Obama’s remarks were part of his pitch for his own economic plans including an stimulus package and extending expiring unemployment benefits. “And then after this immediate problem, we’ve got the long-term fundamentals that will really make sure this economy grows,” he said. In the context of Obama’s speech, there is no agreement with McCain’s original statement on the economy nor does Obama refer to “strong fundamentals” as the narration states.

The Verdict: False. The edited video clip of Obama used in the McCain ad is taken out of context.

I seriously don’t know why the McCain campaign even made such an obviously untrue ad. And not only that, do they really want to remind voters that their candidate said the fundamentals of the economy are strong in the first place?

Moving on…

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    lol wut

  • stuperb

    I agree. It’s just silly to bring up the word ‘fundamentals’ right now if you’re McCain. Sure, quotes out of context have worked for him (ad Obama) in the past, but this is one thing that everybody knows he’s wrong about. Sheesh.