Veep Pre-Debate Open Stream

Veep Pre-Debate Open Stream


What’s on your mind?

What will happen?

Who will win?

And why?


  • L

    I don’t think Biden should go out looking to hammer Palin, but he shouldn’t be afraid if an opportunity comes up to call her out on a misstatement, inaccuracy, or blatant lie, and call her out forcefully.

    Palin will come out hard on Biden I think, I am predicting a good performance from her, especially if Biden neglects to respond to any direct attacks on him from her.

    Then again, I never have predicted anything accurately that has to do with politics.

  • Noc

    Here is what is on my mind.

    I think you should start another thread after like, 50 comments. the page load times get ridiculous.

    As a independent leaning heavily democrat (due to competency) I am hoping this puts the nail in the coffin for the McCain Palin ticket. But more neutrally, I hope this gives people an accurate view into Palin and Biden’s ability to perform in office. Been looking forward to this debate all week.

    I have never been a sports fan but this must be what people feel like about the Superbowl.

  • Justin Gardner

    Good idea Noc. I’ll try to keep an eye on that.

    My thought is that Biden knows exactly how to counter Palin’s jabs. Just like he knew how to attack Hillary.

    I too hope we get a more accurate view of Palin since she’s been so sheltered from the media. The public deserves that much, and it’s unfortunate the McCain camp hasn’t given it to us.

  • Noc

    have you guys seen this? its hilarious

    Debate Training for Biden

    time to head home and grab some wings for the big game.

  • Justin Gardner

    Okay, that was hilarious.

    I think that’s a close approximation of what will happen. :-)

    By the way, I edited your comment so the URL didn’t bleed into the sidebar.

  • Split-Party Household

    I would be very surprised if Palin does not mention Biden’s previous debate comment that Obama is not ready for office. She should bring it up, and bring it up often. I have no idea why there has not been more play on this from the McCain camp. It’s something Biden said several times. It would be a great counter from Palin if her “readiness” is questioned.

  • Datn S.

    Thereby breaking the link :(

  • Justin Gardner

    Woops! Fixed.

    And Split-Party Household, I think she could bring that up, but then Biden could simply bring up Palin’s disastrous past couple weeks and the fact that voters certainly think he’s ready.

    And then what’s Palin’s counter? “Well, I’m the VP.”

    I’d be very surprised if she brought this up since it’s so easily countered.

  • Datn S.

    My $0.02 — we in the peanut gallery got the flurry of expectation-setting warnings about underestimating Palin only in the last couple of days. I’m pretty confident that the O’Biden campaign strategists have known for a long time about her performance in the 2006 debate and so on.

    My worries stem from Biden’s frequent mistakes in public, but I think they all know how much is riding on this debate. If Palin comes out smelling like a rose, the gaping hole in the McCain campaign could be seen to be plugged. Mixed metaphors, whatever. :) So I imagine Biden will be on his best behavior. Fingers crossed.

  • Noc

    cool thanks for fixing the link!

  • Justin Gardner

    I don’t doubt that Biden could make a mistake, but he handled himself VERY well during the primary debates…at least that I can remember. In fact, the debates were key to me thinking he’d be a good VP pick.

    Alright folks, I’m switching over to the actual Debate Open Stream.

    See ya there!