David Frum: Ayers Won't Work

David Frum: Ayers Won't Work


Grasping at straws and coming up with nothing. That’s how Frum seems to be characterizing Republican’s attempt to paint Obama as a radical’s best buddy.

From NRO:

My pals over at the Corner are very excited by the last-minute attempt to transform Bill Ayers into the Willie Horton of 2008. Well, good luck

In 1988, crime was a huge and rising problem – and Democrats still by and large resisted the effective crime control policies being developed at places like the Manhattan Institute and that would achieve such great results in the 1990s. So Willie Horton, the furloughed rapist and murderer, symbolized in very graphic terms something important and significant about Michael Dukakis the candidate.

But Bill Ayers? Does anybody really seriously believe that Barack Obama is a secret left-wing radical? And if not, then what is this fuss and fury supposed to show? It’s like Ronald Reagan’s opponents trying to beat him by pointing out that Birchers once supported him.

Negative campaigning only works when it offers a new data point to support a convincingly drawn hostile image.

But who knows…maybe they have another data point about Ayers that they haven’t revealed yet.

  • http://soundclick.com/333maxwell chas holman

    Point of fact, Obama never helped Ayers (when h was 8) set off any bombs.

    McCain DID (debatably knowingly/unkowingly) HELP Keeting, like it or not.

    Ayers stupid actions didn’t see anyone get hurt or killed (outside of his own group) yet Keetings actions DESTROYED 10’s of thousands of senior citizens who were preyed upon by the Lincoln group to invest in totaly junk, being lied to that the junk was government insured. Keetings group did this DELIBERATLY and with GREAT INTENT.

    McCain was Keetings good friend, recieved over 100k in donations from him, spent time in his home with him, partied with him. Spoke with regulators on Keetings behalf.

    KEETING was a far larger terrorist and destoryed so many peoples lives compared to Ayers being a dumb kid who set off a few bombs that DIDN’T destroy thousands of peoples lives, nor left the tax payer to pay off 1.3 trillion dollars in bailout for the Lincoln S&L collectives.

    It was real, it happened, how McCain can point fingers is AMAZING to any thinking taxper who is still paying for his pal around buddy Keetings deliberate attempt to destroy our economy.

    ANd for Governer Palin to say she is ‘afraid’ of Obama and he doesn’t see the United Dtates of America like WE do. When she is MARRIED to a man who was a member of a legitimate political party that wants to secede from the US and the leader of the group says ‘I HATE AMERICAN POLITICS with a passion’ all while Mrs Palin kicked off their convention PERSONALY 6 months ago..

    It is like we are living in ‘opposite’ world, where McCain and Palin can hang out with REAL terrorists and sleep with secessionists, and then try and blame someone else for knowing someone who did some stupid crap when he was 8 years old.

    My God, the insanity.. and this stuff flys???


  • patrikios

    Actually it seems that a lot of right-wingers DO believe that Obama is a secret left-wing radical (or a Muslim, or a black nationalist, etc.). Hannity is trying pretty hard to make people believe that. So is Sarah Palin. As for whether moderates or apolitical folks believe that, I doubt it very much.

  • kranky kritter

    I said much the same thing as Frum yesterday. Such smears only work when they support a plausible impression of the candidate. No one outside the right fringe of true believers thinks that Obama is a violent left-fringe supporting radical.

    Obama has established a national persona as calm, sensible, reasonable, poised. Plus, he’s next generation, so no one is really going to buy an association with some aging hippie terrorist or semi-radical or ex-radical or whatever you want to call Ayers.

  • shawn

    All this talk is just food for their hard-right base. It’s not going to make any progress with real undecided voters. At most it’ll just give an excuse to the people who didn’t want to vote for Obama because they’d never vote for a democrat, or a black man. It’ll help those people justify their vote to themselves even if they don’t care for McCain either.

    It is getting some of the most fundamental republicans excited about the election, and I guess from the McCain point of view that’s better than what it’s replacing, namely no excited republicans at all.

  • data point

    It is revealed (or is manufactured a more correct term?): http://www.cashill.com/natl_general/obama_did_not_write.htm