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Quote Of The Day


“Those who press this Ayers line of attack are whipping Republicans and conservatives into a fury that is going to be very hard to calm after November. Is it really wise to send conservatives into opposition in a mood of disdain and fury for the next president, incidentally the first African-American president? Anger is a very bad political adviser. It can isolate us and push us to the extremes at exactly the moment when we ought to be rebuilding, rethinking, regrouping and recruiting.”
David Frum in a column at NRO today

As the author of Bush’s infamous “Axis of Evil” line, Frum is keenly aware of the appropriate framing. And Bush was able to ride that frame to a two term presidency.

So no doubt Frum sees that the next 2 years will be incredibly bad for the Republican brand and they do themselves no favors by pushing the “Obama is a terrorist’s best friend” meme. It was a dog from the beginning and it continues to get increasingly absurd with each utterance.

Long story short, Frum doesn’t want to give Obama the firepower for a cake walk in 2012.

Conservatives take note.

  • Joshua

    Long story short, Frum doesn’t want to give Obama the firepower for a cake walk in 2012.

    Then again, as things stand now Obama still has a sizable lead in the race. Not quite a cake walk yet, but if it stands it would get him into the White House just the same. So, perhaps those pursuing the Ayers angle simply figure they have nothing more to lose at this point, and this is the equivalent of a hockey team, trailing by a goal in the final minute of the game, pulling its goalie for an extra skater. No sense in protecting a loss, after all.

  • Joshua

    OK, I misread your point – you were talking about the next presidential campaign. Alas, (1) I wasn’t thinking quite that far ahead, and (2) in all likelihood, neither is the McCain campaign. So, at least as far as this year’s campaign is concerned, my above comment still stands.

  • gerryf

    Well, that all depends on who you call the “McCain” campaign.

    As “mavericky” as McCain claims to be, it is pretty clear that he is thoroughly under the control of the Neocons. And the neocons are looking ahead to 2012 election.

    The Neocons are so fixated on the future that they often lose sight of the present, hence the most ridiculous pick for a VP since Dan Quayle.

    You are already hearing nonsensical “Palin in 2012” talk.

    Palin is not ready for 2008, she will not be ready for 2012–she will never be ready. She is however, the perfect neocon candidate: not too bright, malleable and charismatic.

    The Neocons had a real problem in 2008–they couldn’t get their candidate (Thompson) elected dog catcher. So they jumped on McCain because they knew that McCain would do anything to get elected, including picking the VP candidate of the Neocon’s choice.

    Despite massive Democratic majorities in House and Senate and control of the presidency, those in the GOP under the control of the Neocons will do everything in their power to prevent anything positive from happening.

    The Neocons must be absolutely destroyed so the Republican Party can rebuild without their pernicious influence.

  • ExiledIndependent

    Frum’s position is a great example of how far our political system has fallen from the ideals of a Republic. It matters not “fury,” and “anger.” What matters is truth. The truth is, Obama’s political ideology was incubated under the influence of men like Wright and Ayers. Now, how that influence may manifest itself in the White House certainly remains to be seen and judged on the merits of actions.

    However, to suggest that people should ignore potentially threatening elements to the nation for politcal expediency (Bush’s war, fiscal policies, etc.) is exactly the behavior that has led to the current state of the Republican party, and “conservativism” in its modern form. Right now an Obama presidency could range from benign soft socialism to the abject dismantling of our nation as the founding fathers intended. Regardless of the political cost, we must all be ready to praise, support, admonish, and rebel as necessitated by the actions of our representatives.

  • http://across-the-grain.com BenG


    Just down the road from me in northeast PA, the McCain campaign held a rally yesterday to which the WaPost had these comments:
    “John McCain and Sarah Palin were backstage, and Lehigh County GOP Chairman Bill Platt was warming up the crowd of 6,000 at a rally here for the Republican ticket.
    “Think about how you’ll feel on November 5 if you wake up in the morning and see the news, that Barack Obama — that Barack Hussein Obama — is the president-elect of the United States,” Platt said. The audience at the Lehigh University arena booed at the thought of it.
    “The number one most liberal senator in the United States of America was, you guessed it, the ambassador of change, Barack Hussein Obama,” he added. “This election is about preserving America’s past and protecting the promise of its future.”

    It boggles the mind to think of how unproductive this type of campaigning is to the general electorate. This is the fodder for the base, not the argument to persuade the general public and I’m appalled that McCain’s campaign thinks they could get my vote with these highly charged, partisan lies. Like many moderates, I was easily opened to the idea of a more moderate Repub Pres. McCain to balance a very Dem. Congress.

    Just as there would be no way the Repub base could ever vote for Barrack Hessein Obama, there’s no way I could ever vote for someone who, with this kind of rhetoric, has run this kind of campaign.