And Now…McCain's Ayers Ad

And Now…McCain's Ayers Ad


They were just mentioning it in campaign speeches, but now the campaign is diving in with the following ad…which looks like it’s really just created for the web since it’s 1:30 seconds long. But hey, maybe they’re pouring a bunch of money into it.

Not that this is any surprise, but I sincerely hope that McCain loses by a landslide now that he’s trying to convince people that Obama is basically a terrorist’s best friend.

But hey, take a look for yourself.

McCain’s “maverick” brand is forever damaged with independent voters. But I guess that’s less important than the hope of somehow pulling out a win.

The end.

  • Doug Mataconis

    If McCain somehow manages to pull off a win here, it will be solely because he destroyed the character of Barack Obama.

    What kind of mandate will that leave him with ?

  • Ed in NJ

    He has squandered every last bit of goodwill for his years as a POW. Not only has he become a coward, afraid to make these accusations to Obama’s face, but he has shown himself to be a man without honor or dignity who is willing to put himself before his country, knowing that these losing tactics will only serve to leave a lasting wedge in the electorate.

    The only saving grace is that when he loses, he will be so toxic that he will disappear from the national political scene.

  • mhb

    This is sick… and sad. I used to really respect McCain, but no more.

  • McMary

    Why didn’t the Rethugs mention Obama was 8 years old when Ayers was envolved with the Weathermen?What was he doing running bombs for them?
    Give the American public a break. This is aW low-grade moron smear approved by John McCain. What does this say about him?

  • pico

    Tom Dickinson’s new article on McCain in Rolling Stone has convinced me he never was the principled, honorable man I thought he was up to about 6 weeks ago. Hopefully he’ll lose big despite using abominable attacks, have a deplorable reputation after the election, and thus cause future presidential hopefuls to think twice before going down the same road.

  • kranky kritter

    You know what’s missing from the 90 seconds of “footage”? A single picture of these 2 guys together, let alone appearing to be friends. Pretty good indication they couldn’t find one. They had to use the visual device of a series of video screens in order to show them at the same time. Quite lame.

    BTW, I think that Palin’s legacy will be the firm establishment of the “palling around” standard for weak criticism. BTW, did you folks know that Palin has been “palling around with” radical separatists up in Alaska? I’ve seen the footage.

    McCain should not have approved this message. He ought to be ashamed. I expect better than this from him. It speaks volumes to the level of desperation within the campaign.

  • Alan Stewart Carl

    Kranky — yeah, I noticed the complete lack of a snapshot of the two men together. Kind of diminishes the power of the attack. I mean, if they’re so close, where’s the visual proof?

    My opinion on the matter is that Obama’s Ayers connection is one of those unfortunate political links. Ayers should have never been given any sort of political clout or authority, but some weak-willed, small-minded pols and university types in Chicago made Ayers a player. He was entrenched in the Chicago system before Obama got there. Obama, being as much an opportunist as the next ambitious politician, did not think twice about using Ayers. Once Obama had more power than Ayers, he didn’t need the association anymore, which is why all the links pushed by McCain are so old.

    Find me an ambitious politician and I’ll find you some shady former relationships.

  • Allinone

    I think I have a better video to beat that McCain one…in this one, McCain-Palin supporters actually state that they believe Barack Obama is a Terrorist…b/c it’s in his bloodline, and just look at his name

  • gerryf

    How about this…

    …kevin bacon was in HOSTILE ADVANCES with Sean McCann who was in THE KERRY ELLISON STORY with Karen Allen, who was directed by Spike Lee who supports Obama and directed Malcom X…ohmigod! Obama is a actually Malcom X!

    (or maybe he is Kevin Bacon? I can never quite figure out the point of these 6 degree things…)

  • Laura

    Lol American politcal tv.. Wheres my popcorn? This makes for a good soapy!

    I hope McCain loses for the sake of, not only America, but the world.

  • Dave

    With respect to McMary, Obama may have been 8 when Ayers was planting bombs, but not 8 when he began associating with him. What does that say about Obama’s character and judgement.
    As to Ayers, he was a sorry no good S.O.B. in his youth, and he still is today. As to Obama he isn’t an S.O.B. but was probably a Bastard child.
    Go McCain!

  • Alison

    If the LEFTIST MEDIA were doing its JOB, John McCain wouldn’t have to say negative things about Barack Obama! Diplomacy, my foot! We live in a country were people don’t really make the choice anymore. It is made for them by the corrupt media, Dems and liberals with all the money. Makes me sick.