Who Is The Real Sarah Palin?

Who Is The Real Sarah Palin?


You know, I’ve been trying to put my finger on why the Bill Ayers stuff bugs me so much. Sure, it’s an absurd charge, but now I think I realize why it really bothers me.

Why would the McCain campaign put Sarah Palin out there to ask “Who is the real Barack Obama?” when 95% of the country didn’t know who she was until a month ago?

Let’s look at the facts…

  • She blames the media for her bad interviews.
  • She’ll no longer do any interviews with unfriendly news sources.
  • She won’t hold a public press conference.
  • She won’t go on any of the Sunday newsers.
  • Meanwhile, her husband belonged to a secessionist political group for years that still advocates Alaska leaving the Union.
  • Meanwhile, the founder of that group is quoted as saying, “My government is my worst enemy. I’m going to fight them with any means at hand.”
  • Meanwhile, she recorded a video greeting for their convention this year.

So I ask you…who is real Sarah Palin?

Seriously. I’m not being dramatic. What do we really know about this woman? What do we know about her beliefs? Can you imagine if Michelle Obama belonged to a secessionist group? I mean, come on people…why isn’t this getting more traction?

Doug pointed me towards the following video, and the videographer asks McCain supporters about their opinions about Obama after these latest charges.

It ain’t pretty…

So then…

Do McCain and Palin really think it’s a smart move to hint at the idea that the first African-American president could be a terrorist? Sure, they’re not saying that explicitly, but when you talk about “palling around” with terrorists, what do you think your supporters are going to believe? I think we saw the result in that video.

Or, to put it another way, don’t you think that idea could get inside some nuts’ head and they might think they have to stop Obama for the good of the country?

How dare she.

And furthermore…how dare he.

  • kaseyd

    the people in this video scare the living hell out of me, not just because of their beliefs, but because of how they came to believe it by swallowing without question what’s said once or twice and then repeating it like a mantra. i guess the point of the GOP is to prey on this weakmindedness?

    am i wrong, or isn’t “Hussein” in Arab countries what “Parker” or “Jones” is in America?

  • SaneInSF

    Kind of like Obama supporters, right kaseyd?

    Palin is a mirror image of Obama, and it scares the crap out of Dems.

  • Forumuser

    > Palin is a mirror image of Obama, and it scares
    > the crap out of Dems.

    If by what you mean is that when one looks in the mirror everything is opposite, well, I’d have to agree.

  • John

    Actually I think Hussein is more like Anne or Mary. More common middle names given out of reverence to a religious tradition.

  • Stu

    We don’t even know anything about the fake Sarah Palin, let alone the real one.

  • pxfragonard

    Obama’s relationship with Ayers is vital. Ayers sat on the same board (CAC) with Obama for five years. Ayers believes that “education is revolution” and approves of Chavez’ education revolution. Ayers is not “just a guy in the neighbourhood.” Obama’s lack of honesty and candor in his long relationship with a lifetime radical socialist is important to consider. His relationship with ACORN is also important, not only from the point of view of their voter fraud campaign but also because of the pressure they exerted on banks to loan money to people who couldn’t pay it back to buy homes.

  • http://leapsecond.wordpress.com leapsecond

    Want to know why it isn’t getting reported on? Because people already dismiss the “fake Sarah Palin” as an incompetent ignoramus.

  • melvi

    Palin is mirror image not of Obama but of Bush

  • tina

    Not giving interviews! Is that the only bad thing you can come up with. Is that supposed to scare people away from voting for McCain/Palin Ticket. What scares me is the relationships that Obama has with many crazy people.

    Rev. Wright
    Faracon and others.
    These are not people I would want chanting my name. To scarry for me. Who knows what the real Obama agenda is. just look at the little kids singing Obama songs. I guess you have to start at an early age to brain wash them.

    Obama has not done anything. He can’t make up his mind to vote so he wastes my money and says present as he just sits there. I keep trying to find out something positive that he has done and I can’t find anything NOT ONE THING. Oh, I am wrong he finished college.

  • Rick Cain

    I think the controversy over Palin is overblown. Okay so her husband is a member of a secessionist party with ties to islamic iran. Yes she may have done a political firing in office, sure she took gifts from businessmen, sure she ignored HOA rules when she bought her house, okay she does lie a lot, and yes she is refusing to testify despite a subpoena, and yes she dodged taxes and of course she took per diem illegally while loving at home.

    But she’s a good person.

  • Lovekraft

    These guys are using some pretty brown short tactics. I bet they got Bush on there side and when the time is right, probably during Obama’s paid for speech, there gonna kick in the door and arrest him for treason cuz he spoke with the Iraqi leaders in private. I know its run on but I’m typing fast. Yup there gonna set off some riots call in Blackwater and the 3rd brigade and wallah America kicks off WW 3. Hee Hee, it all happened while we were here, don’t you feel special. :-)

  • mcsame_failin

    @tina If you’re going to make a list of “crazy people,” it would be swell if you could at least attempt to spell their names properly.

    Watching you righties and your desperate cries of “terrorist” and “socialist” is especially entertaining in the midst of the current *Republican* administration’s socialization of major parts of the finance system. A trend towards socialism is being conducted by your own party at this very minute and you don’t even recognize it. But, oh wait, I forgot, the current financial crisis is all the Dems fault. (And yeah, I realize Obama voted for the bailout, too. I support his campaign but disagree with him mightily on this point.)

    Republican politicians don’t care about you unless you’re rich or if you’re gullible enough to get pulled into their emotional gerrymandering and false branding (don’t *even* utter the phrase ‘fiscal conservative’). If you support them, you’re very likely in one of those two camps.

    It’s time for reason and questioning, folks. If we stop doing that we fail to be responsible citizens of an open society.

    (Sorry for being inflammatory. Maybe I’m in a bad mood.)